[Production Trick] How To Create Smoke For Photography Out Of Liquid

Every photographer needs a few things in their bag of tricks. An easy trick is to add some smoke to your images for effect. You can always create photo smoke on a budget if you want to MacGyver it but there is another solution - two solutions in fact.

Photojojo has found a company out of Italy that produces two elixirs that when combined create instant smoke. The effect lasts up to 10 minutes, and with an extra squeeze of the bottle you can produce as much smoke as your hearts desire. Check out the video below to see how the reaction works.

How this chemical reactions works is anyone's guess, and there is no telling what's actually in these two bottles. We would recommend being careful and to use caution when working with this product. You can order a standard liquid smoke kit for $49.00 with $2.50 shipping to the US on Photojojo's website. If you have any interesting photos you've taken with smoke, feel free to share them with everyone by posting them in the comments.

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Theis Poulsen's picture

Hmm I wonder if they had a look at the Lara Jade vs. Joey L video - where Joey uses that trick :)

Chris Blizzard's picture

I can already see people doing this in a bin at work to get out early...

Anonymous's picture

the components are
hydrocloric acid and ammoniak

Paul Monaghan's picture

Could be handy :)

I've not done much with smoke..  but my latest shot is this one.


The smoke was added in post.. but it was captured a few days before this shot by using candle and blowing it out to make the smoke.

Andre DF's picture

incense sticks work great for that as well. some don't smell so good though...

Garth Vg's picture
Richard Pardon's picture

Intriguing, would love to find out whats in those bottles.

Here's a product shot taken using some incense sticks:


And another in a portrait:


Sebastian A. Salazar's picture

Looks pretty slick but I'm weary of chemical reactions with stuff that's not labelled properly. The shots taken with incense look pretty decent as well. I'm going to have to try it out with video see how it works out. Great ideas, thanks!

Jeremy Christian's picture

Another good method of creating smoke is to set something on fire. You can get a cigarette lighter for around $1.00 and sticks and leaves are free...