The Smartphone DSLR Mount Is Absolutely Ridiculous

The Smartphone DSLR Mount Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Introducing the latest and not so greatest product from PhotoJojo, the Look Lock. The Look Lock allows you to attach your smartphone to your hotshoe mount using a large and out of place aluminium arm, proving once again, that the camera accessory market is completely out of ideas.

The Look Lock is “an adjustable arm that holds a smartphone above your camera's lens to keep your subject's attention, and your favorite apps at the ready.” The greatest downfall of this idea is, why are you browsing apps when you should be photographing your subject?

The counter argument of course is that you can use it when photographing children, to gain their attention. However, the aluminium arm appears to be so bulky and large, that you’ll end up with photos where the child is looking slightly off camera, much like you’d see in 80’s Olan Mills family portraits. This argument also encourages you to not engage your subject, which is ludicrous, and lazy.

And the greatest downfall of all? The $75 dollar price tag. A similar design could be made using flash mounts, and hot shoe adapters with a $20 B&H Photo gift card.

In the past I've really loved PhotoJojo's products. Their Camera Lens Bracelets are an awesome idea, and I absolutely love my Photoshop Fridge Magnets. However, the Look Lock is an impractical and expensive solution to a problem that 99.9% of photographers never face.




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Call me crazy, but I see maybe a dozen uses for this. None of which is the intended one.

This is already out there already for only $59

3 GREAT USES: the functionality of a tool is often determined by the ingenuity of it's user. In this case, it probably also depends on what camera you're using it with, in which case this could be an incredibly sweet little tool for nature photographers and wedding videographers! Think about it. If you were to pair it with a  Panasonic GH3 or Canon 6d that has built in wifi, this could be super useful.

1) super cheap articulating screen during live view for picture taking
2) larger screen for videographers
3) could be used as a portable hotspot for live uploading with better signal than in your pocket (think: live events where speed to upload is critical)

- Travis

Not to mention for all those people who try to do a timelapse or video of their photoshoot (lots of tutorial people) could use the Arm with their phone rather than a go-pro or a second camera/tripod setup. Nor do you need high quality pictures to do time lapse in most cases so a phone could, arguably, work quite well for that.

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Dumb! and where am I suppose to put my Pocketwizard??? 

In your pocket, Wizard. =P

I think everyone is missing a key point here: this could be used as a 'swivel screen' for the Canon 6D when using the wifi camera control app. That's the primary reason I grab the 60D first when shooting video. Throw a 5"+ smartphone in there and you have a very large preview image, potentially killing the need for an external video monitor. 

If that's indeed the selling point for the device, it's not visually marketed very well from the images shown. 

It strikes me as a 'mom' product, purely from my interpretation of their pictures. It's obviously not designed for any serious photographers/videographers use, purely because it sits on the hotshoe. 
The worst thing is they seem to have priced the average mother out of the market with the ridiculous $75 price tag, 

Exactly. And for those of us who love the articulating screen of the 60D it allows for that use - coupled with the Wi-Fi capabilities of the 6D, etc.

I feel embarrassed just to be on the same page as it. (Shudder)

 With the 6D this thing could be a sense.

Hi guys im disable and unable to fly, a very useful thing people are doing with these is, virtual photo walks this means i am able to go to a far away country and take photos. With this and the apps available i can take control of someone camera set and adjust everything chat to the person who is with the camera and ask him to adjust composition for me to where ever i want take a few photo's and the photographer can then email me the shot's i took to edit and print so for some this may seam a bit silly but for others its a way to travel the world

I am looking for a device exactly like this. Why? Because I want an articulating screen solution for a Canon full frame (6D/5D Mark III) much as what exists on a 60D or 70D. As you know,
the 6D and 5D Mark III do not have articulating screens, however, with the 6D's Wi-Fi capabilities and an iPhone this becomes a possibility. When shooting landscapes, I like to shoot from down low - a foot off the ground and sometimes less. Currently with my 60D I just setup with a tripod, go into Live View, flip the screen up and out and compose and shoot - all without having to lay down or assume some contorted position on the ground just to see the LCD or use the Viewfinder. A device like this may very well be the key to me moving to a 6D or 5D Mark III without having to sacrifice my knees, back and elbows in the process. I love it! Maybe I'll find something a little less pricey, but this device is just about perfect for what I’m looking for. I thank you for making me
aware of it (and my knees thank you, too!).

The bottom line and food for thought: Often times, just by thinking outside the box, one can adapt a particular solution to solve completely different problems well beyond the intended application for a particular device.