StandBagger Original Rollup Review

StandBagger Original Rollup Review

Living in NYC and having to drag gear around I have become very particular about my camera and gear bags. Comfort, size, weight, and protection are the deciding factors, then I worry if I look cool or not (you can’t go wrong with a black bag). I started looking for a small light stand case that would fit nano stands, a small umbrella and a monopod. This is usually what I use for reception lighting at weddings. After searching through all of the camera stores online, I finally stumbled across the StandBagger.

As soon as I saw the minimalist design of the StandBagger I knew I was going to have to buy one to see how well it would work. I loved the idea that it could expand and contract depending on how much gear I packed. It also does an awesome job of protecting the stands from the little nicks that most light stands end up with from being packed together.

The other thing I love about this design is how everything has it’s own slot. You can quickly tell if you grabbed all your light stands and other gear in one glance. You can also snag any particular light stand you are looking for without having to unload your whole bag.

The StandBagger Original comes in 3 sizes. Model 6 has 4 pockets and can accept 24" in length, Model 8 has 6 pockets and can accept 34" in length, and Model 13 has 5 "double" pockets and can accept 44" in length.

You should be able to find the bag to fit your needs with those choices. Prices range from $65 to $120 plus shipping. If you are not a fan of the roll up design, they also carry the Grab 'n Go series which is one large bag with two outside pockets for your speedlights.

If you think the StandBagger is what you have been looking for check out their website and place your order.

This is not an advertisement for the StandBagger and they did not ask me to write this. I bought the StandBagger on my own and wanted to share the great experience so far.

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Peter Nord's picture

Been looking for a bag like this, perfect, thanks.
Oh, except should be accept

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thank you :P. I love it so far, might need to get a larger one for my other stands.

Looks like an incredibly useful bag (and kit setup). Thanks a lot!

awesome. I'm on it. my current bag for lightstands etc is a travesty. Thanks!

Aw man I've been looking for this for ages. My local camera stores didn't even have ANY bags to store stands other than camera tripod bags. You rock!

I just wish there's an easier way to carry/roll around a 2-4 C-stands =)

Get one of those foldable dollies and bungie cords and put your C stands in a microphone stand bag. Strap the bag to the dolly w/ the cords. Folded turtle legs you'll have to carry in a separate bag. These things aren't light or small ;-)

Surprisingly, the footwell of my 2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo can fit 6 C-stands with its turtle base separated. Then, I just place the legs on top of the stands. It's once I get there where I think it'll be great to roll multiple stands at once. I'll try your dolly idea, though. =)

FWIW, I put my C stand columns and grip arms in that microphone stand bag from Musician's Friend (I think it was $ compared to photography bags :-)
The turtle legs go into a duffle bag. And you still need something to put sandbags in. I probably should get one of those rolling duffles...

now if only such a device worked for C-stands. :(

True. I'm in the process of searching for a solution to carry those. A company called versa-flex has some bags that should do the job.

Spy Black's picture

Too bad you can't get these at local shops. I'd like to see the physical models before I would decide on one. They all look like good designs, but I need to see them in real life.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Spy let me know if I can answer anything for you regarding the bag. I am sure you could return them if you were not happy with it.

Spy Black's picture

Well, it's just a matter of handling them in real life, really. I would also like to compare all the bags together and see which one(s) I would like best. They should try to get them distributed at places like B&H and Adorama, which are right by me. ;-)

Spy Black's picture

That's nice, but kinda pricey compared to the Sandbaggers. I'll give it a look anyway. Thanks.

65$ plus shipping? Are you kidding me? I bought a similar one two years ago and It cost me about 30$ straight from China, and it's xxxxxl, seriously. I can fit tow Phottix easy-up, two manfrotto light stands and a reflector stand with an additional joint, and I still have some space to fit a couple of umbrellas.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Well this is made and designed in the good ol' US of A. I wanted something clean and minimal to carry around on the train.

Chris Kryzanek's picture

Jerrit - Just curious if you've pushed the max length of an item (24") for that bag? If a stand, etc is a couple of inches longer would it fit?

Chia Lynn Kwa's picture

Found another roll-up style light stand bag from Strobius that has an adjustable velcro lid that makes the length of the bag (and thus the length of stands you can fit into it) adjustable. Unfortunately haven't been able to find any reviews about it