Watch Photography Can Take Hours To Perfect

If you were an Fstoppers reader back when we launched then you probably saw Lee Morris's humble attempt at how to photograph a Rolex watch. It wasn't perfect but I think it was helpful in shedding some light on how meticulous product photography can be. Well now Alex Koloskov has made an extremely detailed video on how he created his latest hero shot of a men's Marine Star Bulova watch. The video is very long and it might take you a second to cut through his Ukrainian accent but this video is well worth it. The quick(er) post production video is shown below so you can see how much time and effort goes into touching up a macro shot like this. The second video shows exactly how Alex lit the watch with some neat little tricks. Also be sure to head over to Alex's blog post if you have further questions about his workflow. Take your time on this and enjoy!

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Wow... and that is why I do portraiture. I'd go cross eyed.

Wow! thank you, guys. It was such a nice surprise:-)

Wow that's a lot of work! Nice job

You missed a spot..... :-)

very cool video to watch. You hardly ever see someone go 1:1 time on a long edit like this. This video makes me kinda feel like Bulova is false advertising lol.

Nice fixture, but I don't understand why he didn't put some effort to the pulled out crown. I see it in almost every watch product picture and don't like it.