What Do You Have For Your Photographic EDC?

What Do You Have For Your Photographic EDC?

EDC (everyday carry) items have always intrigued me. What people carry with them on a daily basis says a lot about who they are. Not to mention it's a great way to discover those can't-live-without items I never knew I needed. So I'm curious (and I know you are too): What do photographers carry with them on a day to day basis?

To find out we are asking you to submit a snap shot of your photographic EDC. Think along the lines of EveryDay Carry Blog or EDC:EveryDay Carry. So, if you're willing to give your fellow Fstopper readers a peek into your soul, forward your EDC pic (and an itemized list) to me at shoot@kenntam.com. If we get enough submissions we'll make it a regular segment. In the mean time here is our very own Noam Galai's list for the image above:

Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70 2.8, Nikon 50mm 1.8, Nikon SB910 Flash, Nikon SB600 Flash, Gel for the flash, Rain cover for camera (under the 50mm), iphone charger, card reader, batteries and business cards.

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Canonet QL 17 GIII, three rolls of film (one in the camera), with a small flash always on top, and my Sekonic l-508. (Canonet Light meter is broken)

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i think a 17-40 is much more useful than 24-70. (full frame)

Olympus OMD EM1, 12mm 2.0, 20mm 1.7, 45mm 1.8, spare battery, lens pen, ink pen, iPhone 5, business cards.

I payed everydaycarryblog.com a visit and Lo and Behold the smorgasboard of items depicted actually can only be described by the term "skit". It's what a typical Men's Magazin would arrange it believes is serious men stuff. Sigh.
Comes pretty close to the thousands of youtube vids where zealous girls show off their handbag contents or brag about their latest "haul".

Everyone who is like me, carrying your iPhone/ smart phone, say 'yay'!

True. It does say a lot about you.
I don't do this every day, but if I'm just going for a walk or may wind up somewhere interesting it comes down to this:
A crop body, a 35 1.8, an 85 1.8 and a flash. Also, I always have an orange flash gel and a green flash gel in my wallet.

I guess I have two, depending on what I'm shooting.
Digital: 5D MK II with 24-70 f/2.8L & 50 f1.4 spare battery, spare card.
Film: Canon A-,1 50mm f/1.8, 28mm f/2.8, and a 2X extender. spare roll of film.

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Though most of the time, iPhone with the use of VSCO Cam is fine (the limitation of mobile phones is challenging and interesting for me). But when I travel, my Nikon P7700 is good enough. But if I really plan to bring some gear, my beloved D700 with 24-70 f/2.8 and the daddy sunlight.

All you need.

That's overkill. My Panasonic GF5 and 20mm f/1.7 fits in my back pocket. Might upgrade to the GM1 at some point.

This looks promising. Needs a zoom tho: http://tinyurl.com/nl58mn6

Yep, me too. And supplemented with a Leica M6 about half the week.

A suggestion for fstoppers... You have your audience already here. Why stop the engagement by asking for an email of the picture when the people can participate here and now? It's kinda like the old visa check card commercial everyone dancing and paying and then a guy whoops out a check book and the record scratches and everyone stops.

For quick everyday pictures I have my Nikon P7700.

For quick everyday pictures I have my Nikon P7700, usually set by default to a custom B/W setting as I've grown a love for b/w photos.

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This place already exists: http://inmybag.net/#top

Much simpler

I carry more **** then i should. My daily things are a Fuji X-e1 with kitlens, phone, keys, wallet, cigarettes, lighter, e-reader, usb cables, nd and pola filter, notebook and pen (im oldschool that way), USB stick with mobile software and other data, empty usb stick and bussinesscards. All this goes in to a small lowepro bag that is so old and worn most people wonder if it stays together from habit, but its formed to my body as a glove :-)

This changes if i go somewhere to take pictures in to all of the above + nikon d800 + the lenses i need and rest of kit i know i'll need.

I used to carry the d800 as walkaround camera but the fuji does good enough and is better for my back :-)

As a canadian, I'm terrified of seeing SO MANY people carry knifes and guns...

Been following this site for a while now. Same idea as this post.

Canon G15, Yongnuo Speedlight, Yongnuo triggers (for OCF), a Manfrotto 035 clamp and a cheap articulating magic arm. Carry all this in a Camelback which also includes my 9mm Derringer, earbuds and a Zoom H1 recorder. Hey you never know!

Where are you going that you need to carry a Derringer?

You never know what may happen while you were out and about. Zombies... Mass revolt... etc...

OK, I hadn't thought of Zombies! :D

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Mericans lol, Figures.

Recently added the Canon EOS M to my EDC bag with the 22mm lens. Super small but it has all the features I need if I come across a cool scene that my phone cant capture. Also in my EDC is various USB cables, chargers, batteries, SD card reader, iPad, iPad SD card adapter and an entire kit of tools. The tools and electronics are in separate pouches from Maxpedition so I can easily remove them for use or transplant them to a different bag. If I need to carry something else or my DSLR I can ditch the M and tool kits quickly and toss in my 6D/24-105.

Took a quick picture. Left side pouch of bag can hold a water bottle, or a 77mm dia lens. Blue pouch has the EOS M, Black pouch is tools, Green pouch is electronic accessories, iPad Mini with Zagg keyboard, pocket telescoping pole at the bottom. Way too many things to mention but we're talking about roughly a half a cubic foot of space.

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iPhone. Ring bottle opener.

I don't like having a dedicated camera with me at all times. It's good to disconnect from photography some times.

Does the job ++