What Do You Think About Opteka's Recent Offer To Photographers?

You've probably heard of Opteka, the company that manufactures lenses, grips, and other photographic accessories and equipment. We found a recent offer on their Facebook page that we wanted to get your opinion on. 

Essentially, per the screen shot below (found here), Opteka is looking for two approved photographers to submit images to them in exchange for a lens. You will initially have to buy the lens but it will be refunded to you. It has no mention of what they will do with the images, which we can only assume they will use in some form or fashion. It continues on to future promise of more opportunities of similar sort.

What do you think about the opportunity from Opteka from the perspective of the photographer?


[Via Opteka]

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Tor Ivan Boine's picture

oh my. ... obviously there are many idiots in this world, so they will get their pictures.

Lee Whitman's picture

LOL. How about, "No." Does "No" work for you? It works for me.

Digital Philosopher's picture

With a trick like this, they are sure to get no serious photographer to do it. But I'm sadly afraid they might find an unknown but promising photographer to take the bait. Stay away.

colin's picture

what?.... it is a $150 lens.

Jorge Tamez's picture

They should've done this the other way around:

1. Send us your best photo.
2. The most voted will win the lens.
3. Afterwards we will showcase the winner, (spotlight, case-study, blog post) write an article about him or her, and in the article display a photo they took with the lens they won.

^^^ Word the above better than I did.

Josh Ellis's picture

I was thinking the same. Maybe it was too obvious of a rip-off for even them.

Vicky Mittal's picture

I guess they are trying to get free images for their campaign? boo erns...

Benjamin Chase's picture

What a joke. This is about as exciting as the bottom-feeding that goes on in royalty-free work. Don't be a bottom feeder.

Todd Douglas's picture

Too many if's, but's and after's to even motivate me to go to their page to take this photo challenge.

Tobias Solem's picture

This is, essentially, devaluing the work of photographers.

Nathan Hamler's picture

LOL Wow, they can go kick rocks.....the notion that any serious (or professional) photographer would ever fall for this, is crazy......

So where do i go to sign up again?


Jaron Schneider's picture

I like how they spell Flickr. They're hip!

Kevin's picture

They just responded:

"Thank you for all that sent us a msg. We will be reviewing all of them and
picking two. After 2 people are picked a signed legal agreement will be
written up stating upon completion a full will be issued. We will send
you a link to buy the lens. Opteka always pays it's debts. We are doing
it this way because in the last 4 years we have sent out over 200 free
items for review and only got a handful back."
"@Kevin Liu, this is not a photo contest, a giveaway or a review. This is a job assignment that 2 people will be selected for with payment upon completion which will be bound by a legal agreement. Payment being a full refund one the lens plus a new lens every time we make one."

Jacob DelaRosa's picture

I posted a critical comment on their page and they deleted it...way to stay classy and objective Opteka.

Ernie Chang's picture

A Lannister always pays his debts!

Chris Helton's picture

"Payment being a full refund one the lens plus a new lens every time we make one"
Wait, so they refund the price of THIS lens and you get a free lens for every new one they make? That doesnt sound like to bad a gig. Depending what "a bunch of image" is in their minds and what kind of rights they have to them.

Kip Hartwell's picture

Do you still need to pay for the next lens first? Then take pictures, then if they like them you get the cash back? Or do you get a newegg coupon :P

They are still doing it backwards, asking the pro to pay to work. Pick the pro, get the contract, pay for the work with gear if fine, but not as they are doing.

JaseCharvis's picture

Any company that quotes a Lannister is an immediate red flag.

Aquase's picture

I don't see the big deal. They want you to email them a link to your portfolio. Then if they like it, they will email you back with a contract. You read the contract, sign it if you agree. Then send it back. They send you a link to buy the lens. You send them pictures, they refund the purchase price.

Chris Helton's picture

I think its the wording of it.
Send us a bunch of images, and if we think they're good enough... then we'll refund the amount

Rob Ruttan's picture

I've looked at some of Opteka's prices; they're very good. Too Good? Is there a catch?

james brown's picture

the catch is that everything they make is terrible.

Spy Black's picture

"You will initially have to buy the lens but it will be refunded to you. It has no mention of what they will do with the images, which we can only assume they will use in some form or fashion."

So, in order to enter this contest, EVERYONE has to buy the Opteka lens and use it for the photos submitted, and only those who are picked will get a refund? And everyone here is harping about getting their photos ripped off? Do I have this correct?

Chris Helton's picture

i think you mixed up something there. EVERYONE who is interested sends a link to their portfolio so they can see what kind of photographer you are. They pick 2 people who will then buy the lens and shoot images for them. Sending 'a bunch' of images that IF they approve then they will send you the amount of the lens purchase as payment for all those pictures the 2 people had sent

Fstopperswhyunolikegoopitures's picture

That is bullshit, off with their heads, and maybe a few cals after so many people buy their lens and do not receive refunds for decent work.

Antonio Carrasco's picture

Dear Opteka,

I will shoot photos for your marketing materials and you will pay me money.

It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that. Your "buy a lens and we may refund the price" plan is way too convoluted.