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Robert K Baggs
London, & Hertfordshire, GB

Articles written by Robert K Baggs

What Do You Wish You Had Started Sooner?

Whenever I discover something important or valuable to me, I inevitably wish I'd started it earlier. Areas of photography are no exception. So what do you wish you had started sooner?

Three Easy Posing Tips for Engagement Shoots

If you've ever shot a couple or a subject who doesn't much care for having their photo taken, you become immediately and acutely aware of how important your direction is. Here are three easy posing tips for engagement photos.

Is This Really the Most Underrated Camera of 2019 so Far?

The mirrorless war has been raging for some time now, particularly since Canon and Nikon entered the frame. Not all were well received, one of which has just been called "the most underrated camera of 2019" by a prominent YouTuber.