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Pursuing Your Passion: Tips from Gareth Pon, Africa's Top Instagrammer

South African Photographer, Filmmaker, and Influencer Gareth Pon has recently been named the top African Instagrammer for the third consecutive year, and looking at his ridiculously eye-catching Instagram feed, it's easy to see why. I caught up with Gareth recently while he was speaking at a conference in Dublin alongside other content-creating heavyweights, such as Dan Rubin and Philip Bloom.

This is What Dropping a $70,000 Arri Alexa Looks Like

Everyone makes mistakes, this we know, but there are some unforgivable mishaps which plague the nightmares of filmmakers regardless of the scale and budget of the production. Some of these would include forgetting to pack an essential piece of gear, forgetting to hit record before a great take, or losing footage, but none of these can compare to dropping an Arri Alexa.

Tips for Structuring Great Vlog Content

Well known video bloggers, such as Casey Neistat and the likes, have raised the vlogging standards in recent years. How they manage to post captivating content so regularly is astounding. Many try to emulate their successes, and as a result, YouTube is crammed full of filmmakers trying to be the next viral vlogging sensation. These vlogs vary in content, style, and quality, and while there is a niche space for almost anything these days, some people are “nailing it,” and others aren’t.

Some of the Best Cinematic Showreels of 2016

An attention-grabbing showreel can be one of best ways for you to put your video work out there. Whether you shoot weddings, commercials, narrative films, or wildlife, putting together a short, visually appealing montage of your best work is essential for your clients to see your abilities and quality.
5 Affordable Pieces of Gear Every Video Camera Rig Needs

Not too long ago, I remember going through a phase when the process of building up a camera rig was, for me, the most exciting part of owning gear. My decisions were based less on functionality, and more on the question of “will this item make my rig look more like a cinema camera?” Big and bulky was the order of the day, and if people ever advised cliches like: “the best camera you have is the one that’s on you” or “it’s not about what gear you have, it’s about how you use it,” their advice was taken with a pinch of salt.

Bridging the Disconnect Between Your Creative Goals and Your Technical Ability

People who are new to photography or videography often have huge levels of enthusiasm. The learning curve, however, is a steep one, and it can take many years to get to a point at which you're happy with the quality of your work. How then do you ensure that you remain enthusiastic about your craft amidst the disappointment of a mediocre standard of work?

An In-Depth Analysis of The Hateful Eight's Cinematography

Matt Workman is a cinematographer and the founder and host of the Cinematography Database Show. On this particular episode he offers an in-depth analysis of the cinematography of Quentin Tarantino’s "The Hateful Eight," shot by Director of Photography Robert Richardson.