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A Review of the Contax G1

Few camera brands have ever been able to achieve the same reputation that Contax film cameras managed to achieve during the height of film. A large part of that reputation came from the Contax G1.

The Most Overrated and Underrated Film Cameras of 2021

The popularity of film is still on an upward trajectory with no signs of slowing down. With the film world changing constantly, it’s time to update the list of underrated and overrated film cameras.

A Review of the Olympus XA

Few cameras have been able to reach the same level of cult following that the Olympus XA has built up in recent years. Does the camera deserve the hype?

Head-to-Head Comparison: Kodak Portra 400 Versus Kodak Ektar

As a film photographer myself, one of the biggest struggles when going out to shoot is deciding on the right film. Considerations of film speed and color rendering are two of the most important and these are two that differ considerably between Portra and Ektar.

A Long Term Review Of the Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD

Few film cameras have the reputation and the history of the Mamiya RB67. The Pro-SD version has been somewhat elusive as it's the most recent of the three versions of the RB.

My Favorite Budget Film Camera to Date: Fstoppers Reviews the Nikon FE

The Nikon FE is the perfect blend of a lightweight construction that still feels sturdy and has perfect functionality with my favorite camera feature: aperture priority mode. I never thought I’d find a 35mm camera that I’d use more than my F100 or F2, but here we are.