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Some of My Favorite Photos Are Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes, there are camera misfires or shots that just barely missed focus. Other times, there are other incidents where an image falls short of technical perfection but still finds a way to my list of favorites.

Affordable Versus Expensive Lens: Is There a Noticeable Difference?

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t go through some amount of indecision when it comes to picking out a new lens to get. One major factor in decision making is the cost of the lens. Some are affordable, others are better but less affordable, and others are out right expensive. In the end, is there a noticeable difference?

Up Your Landscape Game With Mountain Photography

If you have tried mountain photography before, you know that it is addictive. If you have not given it a go, this video is a great place to start. It walks you through the production from conception and execution of the idea through editing.

Shooting Motion Picture Film at Night: Cinestill 800T

Created for cinematic use under Tungsten lighting, Cinestill 800T is arguably one of the most highly sought-after films on the market. Should you manage to get your hands on some, what are you going to do with it?

Is Consistency Actually Important? What Even Is It?

Consistency is undoubtedly important for many reasons. For those that want to develop a style that makes their work identifiable, defining what consistency means to them is a crucial step. For some, consistency may not matter at all.

Medium Format Point and Shoot? Yes Please

For those that are unaware, the Fujifilm GA645 is capable of 100% auto settings like a true point and shoot – autofocus, autoexposure, as well as autoadvance.

Testing the Limits of Kodak’s Portra 400

For those that don’t already know, film — particularly Kodak’s Portra 400 — has a fair amount of exposure latitude. And by fair amount, I mean loads and loads.