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The Beautiful Journey of Shooting 8x10 Film in Death Valley

I recently came across this great series of videos that follows Landscape Photographer Ben Horne as he travels through Death Valley with his 8x10 cameras and deals with anything from cameras falling off the top of dunes to chipmunks chewing through his engine wiring. It's a fascinating and enjoyable series to watch that gives a wonderful inside look at the love of the art.

Using Light to Create Separation

One of the most fundamental skills a photographer can have is the ability to separate their subject from the background. It goes beyond just physical distance, however. Good background separation requires control of light, and this great tutorial will show you exactly how to achieve that with a variety of different looks.

Using Selective Color in Photoshop

Don't worry, we're not about to turn an image black and white save for one spot. The Selective Color tool is one of the most powerful ways to precisely and efficiently make targeted adjustments in Photoshop. This great tutorial will show you how to take advantage of its capabilities.