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Realism, Formalism, and the Way Movies 'Should' Be Created

You may not realize it, but your brain is waging a battle against itself every time you watch a film. Every film is its own universe with its own laws, and how those laws compare to those outside that universe determine how your brain interacts with the film and evaluates it against reality. But if you're making your own work, it might be worth stepping outside the norms.

Five Skills Video Editors Need to Have

Successful video editing is a confluence of creative vision, technical skills, and practical problem solving, so it's no wonder that it takes a lot of dedication and practice to become skilled at it. To help you jumpstart that process, here are five skills you need to have to be a successful video editor.

How to Shoot B-Roll for Your Video Work

B-roll is important stuff. It keeps your viewer's experience from becoming stagnant, and it can be used to explain or elaborate on the main footage. It's entirely its own art to shoot, and this helpful tutorial will give you great tips to get more and better b-roll footage for your video work.

Should You Go Into Debt to Purchase Photo and Video Equipment?

It's not exactly a secret that photography and videography equipment can be expensive — like "you can live with only one kidney, right?" expensive. And so, when it comes time to purchase that five-figure camera, you may have to make some difficult decisions, including possibly going into debt to be able to afford it. But is that the right decision? This helpful video gives you some questions to ask yourself before you commit to living life in the red.