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Watch This Free Headshot Tutorial From Peter Hurley's Illuminating the Face

When it comes to all things headshots and manipulating human expression, the best guy to seek council from is Peter Hurley. Peter's career has spanned about 15 years now, and over those years he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Last year with the help from our friends at Profoto, Lee and I were able to film a supplemental free chapter to Peter's Illuminating the Face Tutorial. In this video Peter takes us outside to show some of the techniques he uses out on location.

Win A Free Photography Trip to PopUP GPP in Seattle

Winner picked tomorrow! The creators of Gulf Photo Plus, one of the best photography workshops in the world, are coming to Seattle this Sept for their annual PopUP GPP event Sept 19-20. Together we have partnered to give one lucky winner the chance to not only attend the event but also $250 towards travel. Learn from Greg Heisler, Joe McNally, Zack Arias, and David Hobby and experience a taste of Gulf Photo Plus right here in the USA. Details on how you can enter to win this contest are

Start Your Own Photograph Group on the Fstoppers Community

Since Lee and I first started Fstoppers 5 years ago, we have always wanted it to be a place for inspiration, news, reviews, and of course educational behind the scenes material. One thing has always been missing though, and that is the voice of you our readers. Today we are expanding the Fstoppers Community by opening Groups to the public. Anyone with an Fstoppers account can now create and moderate their own photography community directly on

Could This Be The Best Dual Hotshoe Flash Bracket For Pocket Wizard Users?

The other night I was asked "what is the most frustrating thing about shoot weddings?" I thought about this question for a second and shockingly my answer had nothing to do with bridezillas, wedding planners, hot and humid weather, or even post production. Easily the most frustrating thing about shooting weddings is dealing with unreliable radio triggers during the reception. Perhaps this simple yet unreleased hotshoe adapter could make this problem obsolete if only someone would create it.

Deal of the Day:  Get 35% Off A New Nikon D750 DSLR

UPDATE INSIDE: Nikon's newest camera, the D750, is our all time favorite DSLR camera ever. We own the D750 and D810 cameras and actually favor the D750 for video and wedding work because of its small size, articulating screen, fast focusing, and manageable 24mp full frame sensor (the D810 is a badass camera too). Today there is a crazy sale where you can a Nikon D750 Body on Ebay for only $1499! This deal is so good we just bought 4 new D750s for the Fstoppers studio.

Adobe's New Morph Cut In Premiere Pro CC Is Almost Like Magic

If you are a videographer or a photographer dabbling in video you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be cutting interview footage with just one camera angle. The feared "jump cut" in an interview can completely ruin the overall production and professionalism of your entire video project. Luckily, Adobe has recently debuted their new Morph Cut tool in Premiere Pro CC to help filmmakers fix this sometimes unavoidable problem.

The Hard Truth Why No One Will Hire You As A Photographer

Let's face it; the industry is changing. Art directors and potential clients are not looking to simply hire a photographer anymore. They do not care about your lighting, your gear, or even your previous clients. So what do they care about then? Photographer John Keatley sits down with artist rep Maren Levinson at Redeye to discuss the future of photography, and there is a very good chance you are not going to like what she has to say.

Here are the Winners of the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops Contests

The 2015 Fstoppers Workshops is right around the corner, and 2 weeks ago we launched one final contest. Today 5 lucky winners will receive a free spot in a class of their choosing and one of those winners will receive an additional free class, a paid flight to the Bahamas, and a free hotel room for the 6 day event. If you entered this contest through one of our 5 social media platforms you definitely need to keep reading!

The Fstoppers FlashDisc Is Now Available Throughout Europe

The Fstoppers FlashDisc has become one of the most popular off camera flash modifiers on Amazon and BH Photo. Many of our readers have been asking for international shipping, and I am excited to announce that the FlashDisc is now available through the store. This means anyone in living throughout the European Union can have the FlashDisc shipped to their country without having to pay for expensive shipping from the US.

Fstoppers Talks With Professional Photographers Live Friday March 13th

Join Patrick and Lee of Fstoppers on Spreecast TONIGHT at 8:30 EST as they talk with a few of the top photographers teaching at the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops. We will be talking about our upcoming event in the Bahamas while our guests will be answering questions from our audience. Any topic is fair game so if you want to ask questions about business, retouching, lighting, marketing, or gaining commercial clients the floor will be yours.

The Fstoppers Flash Disc Light Modifier Is Back In Stock

After becoming the best selling off camera flash light modifier on in 2014, we were sad to announce that we had completely sold out of our entire Fstoppers FlashDisc inventory. If you have been waiting patiently for our stock to replenish wait no more; our US Amazon Store now has a fresh batch of inventory. For those of you who have been waiting for the FlashDisc in your region of the world, we have good news for you too!

Today Only:  Save $100 off Mike Kelley's Architecture Photography Tutorial

NOTE: This sale is over and was only good for 1 24 hour period. Fstoppers is having a flash 24 hour sale on some of the products in our store each day leading up to Christmas. Today's sale comes from Mike Kelley as he is offering $100 off his widely acclaimed tutorial Where Art Meets Architecture. When Lee and I approached Mike about this tutorial we had no idea it would quickly become the most popular tutorial we have ever produced. Realtors, architectural photographers, and commercial photographers have found great success with Mike's unique approach to photographing interiors. Today you can find the coupon

24 Hours Only: Save $100 Off Peter Hurley's Headshot and Lighting Tutorials

As announced in yesterday's sale, Fstoppers is having a 24 hour sale on our tutorials every day leading up to Christmas. For today's deal we have persuaded Peter Hurley to offer $100 off both of his acclaimed tutorials The Art Behind the Headshot and Illuminating the Face. This sale even beats our current "Buy both for $450" sale and marks the lowest price you have ever been able to buy both at one time. You can find the discount code