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Gregory Heisler Talks Film, Medium Format, and the New Canon 5DsR Cameras

Today marks the end of a full week at Photo Plus Expo in New York City. In the mayhem that comes with such a large expo, one of the stand out presentations for me was hearing Gregory Heisler speak at the Canon booth on Saturday. I've had the privilege of hearing Greg speak many times and even the chance to interview Greg at Gulf Photo Plus, and each time his presentations absolutely blow me away. In this extended video from BH Photo, Greg discusses how the Canon 50mp 5DsR camera holds up against medium format and large film cameras of the past.

Dixie Dixon Explains How and Why You Should Be Filming Video On Every Photoshoot

Dixie Dixon has been a good friend of Fstoppers over the years, and she even came down to the Bahamas with us for the first Fstoppers Workshop. Lee and I have been preaching since the start of FS that photographers need to film behind the scenes videos their own photoshoots. I was absolutely thrilled to see that Dixie has produced this short video outlining exactly how you should incorporate video into your own business.

This Beautiful Photoshoot Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future's 2015 Time Travel

How many times have you seen that popular meme that inaccurately says today is the "Back to the Future" day? Well today, October 21, 2015, is in fact the true date Marty McFly set as his future destination in his time traveling DeLorean from "Back to the Future II." To help celebrate this iconic date as well as the 30th anniversary of the original film, the production company Full Frame did this awesome photoshoot where they explore the capabilities of time travel. Check out the full behind the scenes video in the post below.

How to Take a Portrait With Shallow Depth of Field and Studio Strobes

Many photographers rely on their 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4 lenses to give that dreamy, narrow depth of field look to their portraits. These two lenses have become a staple for portrait, headshot, wedding, and boudoir photographers who enjoy the soft look that comes with a narrow depth of field and natural lighting. But what happens when you want to create a similar effect in the studio, where your strobes are often too powerful for shooting wide open? Today, I'm going to share with you a fairly unconventional lighting technique that will allow you to shoot your lenses wide open in the studio.

We Tested the Sony A7RII AGAIN for All the Sony Fanboys

UPDATE: Results from our reader's poll can be found here! Last week we released our head to head competition review between the Sony A7RII, the Nikon D810, and the Canon 5DsR ultra high megapixel cameras. Our test put all three cameras up against each other and compared their performance in terms of ergonomics, HD video, auto focus, ISO performance, Dynamic range, and overall image quality when used in the studio. Unfortunately a bunch of Sony users complained that our final studio test wasn't up to snuff, so we did what any respectable review site would do and brought back baby turtle. The new results might shock you.

DJI Announces the First Fully Integrated and Stabilized 4K Camera System

Lately it seems that DJI has been releasing innovative video tools every single month. Known primarily for their ultra popular Phantom and Inspire 1 drone systems, DJI just announced today that they are releasing their own handheld 4K camera and gimbal called the Osmo. Together with the Ronin DSLR stabilizing system and the Micro Four Thirds Inspire 1 Pro, the Osmo is yet another product that will change the way photographers and videographers can capture stabilized footage on a budget.

Final Chance to Buy the Fstoppers Flash Disc Light Modifer in Europe

This is some rather sad news I have to bring everyone. At the moment there are only 500 FlashDisc units left in our Amazon UK store and we will not be replenishing them once they are sold out. We are currently sold out of the FlashDisc in the US (more coming in the next 2 weeks), but because of logistics and the amount of administrative work it takes selling a product in another country, we will not be replenishing our Amazon UK store once inventory is sold out.

Fstoppers is Giving Away a Free Canon, Sony, or Nikon Flagship Digital Camera Worth $3900
UPDATE: Winner Announced HERE! Yep, the title pretty much says it all. Fstoppers has teamed up with our good friends at SLR Lounge and BH Photo for the mack daddy contest of them all! At the end of this month, one of our lucky readers will win their pick of the top high megapixel professional cameras offered by Nikon, Sony, and Canon. There are 6 different ways to enter and if you do all 6 you can gain up to 14 individual entries. We have the juicy details in the full post

A Documentary on The Most Famous September 11th Photograph No One Has Ever Seen

The images from the September 11th tragedy are no doubt stuck in all of our minds. For most of us, the phrase "9/11" instantly reminds us of a plane hitting the World Trade Center, smoke billowing out of the two buildings, or the heroic images of rescue workers attempting to save lives after the buildings had collapsed. Among the 1000's of images taken on that day, Richard Drew's "The Falling Man" has been both the most controversial as well as the most forgotten. This powerful documentary explorers the stigma surrounding one of the most censored images in US history.

9 Photography Tips When Photographing Cityscapes from a Helicopter

Aerial photography has always been something that I have found interesting. Seeing so many of our writers like David Geffin, Mike Kelley, and Noam Galai capture exciting photos and video from the sky has inspired me to finally attempt my first doors-off helicopter excursion. In just one short one-hour ride, I've learned a lot of do's and don'ts as well as a bunch of things to experiment with again. I even attempted shooting with a $7,000 lens that everyone told me would be a disaster — and it nearly was!

Learn How To Be An 80s Model In This Hilarious Instructional Video

It could be argued that the 80's pushed the experimental envelope further than any other decade before it. For the first time in history, consumers were able to watch movies in the privacy of their own homes, the camcorder brought home video recording to the masses, and digital technology opened the doors for tons of horrible musical and visual effects. When you combine home education with the ridiculous fashion of the 80s, you get this: pure comedy gold.

Did Photo Retouchers Photoshop Jennifer Lawrence's Face Too Much In New Dior Ad?

Oh the world of high end retouching. This week cosmetic company Dior released a new video and ad campaign featuring their hot spokeswoman, Jennifer Lawrence. With a not so subtle nod to Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, this new lipstick commercial isn't so bad upon first watch. Social media has gone ablaze however once screen grabs from the video have been making their way across the internet. Where are Jennifer's eyelids! We have the behind the scenes video to see where things went wrong.

How to Not Let Your Personal Photography Project Ideas Be Forgotten

If you ask any well-known and successful photographer what the most important thing you can do to grow your business is, they will almost all point towards shooting personal projects. Before the end of every day, I try to visualize at least one creative and interesting idea that might be worth photographing. Nine times out of ten, those ideas are complete garbage. Every now and then, I come up with a really great idea, but unfortunately, 90% of the time, I completely forget these great ideas and they never become a reality. Here is how I have solved this problem.

Learn How Profoto Freeze Mode Can Help Sharpen Your Studio Lit Images

The Profoto B1s are the battery operated smaller brother of the Profoto D1 monoblocks. One major advantage they have over their AC counterpart is that you can freeze super fast motion much easier than you can with the D1s. Suspending motion with strobes has everything to do with flash duration, and as I learned today, the Profoto B1 heads have a special mode called Freeze Mode that can make your flash duration even faster.

Jimmy Iovine Explains Seeing the Big Picture:  It Is Not About You!

Here I am on a Saturday night tucked away in my photography office finally listening to Dr. Dre's new album. With just two real full length albums, Dre is one of my all time favorite artists, and I always enjoy researching the samples and references he uses in his music. Tonight by way of Compton, I found record producer Jimmy Iovine's commencement speech he gave to the USC graduating class of 2013. Jimmy might be talking about producing music but I think his words ring true for photographers as well.

Superstar Photographer Erik Almas Explains How to Market Yourself to Big Clients

Erik Almas is one of my all time favorite photographers. His work mixes equal parts clever advertising and personal vision in a way that makes each image intriguing to study. But behind all of his brilliant images is a businessman who works diligently to get his brand in front of art buyers and advertising agencies. Today PRO EDU has released a free section about marketing from Almas' Composite Photography tutorial, and this advice is something every photographer should hear.

5 Best Tips to Set up Your Wacom Tablet for Retouching in Photoshop

I personally have never used a Wacom tablet or stylus in my life. They always seemed like the most useful post-processing tool ever, but I never bit the bullet and tested the waters. However, after filming Elia Locardi edit over 40 images for his "Photographing the World" landscape series, I am confident enough to finally give it a try myself. Luckily my good friends over at Phlearn have laid out five of the most useful tips for making your Wacom tablet easy to use.

The Sad Truth About Filing a Copyright Lawsuit Against Stolen Photographs

Almost every photographer has found one of their images reproduced online without their permission. The first question you might ask yourself is "how much money can I get for this infringement?" However, copyright law can be extremely difficult to understand and there are many common or case law rulings that factor in on how an image can be used fairly or commercially. In this fascinating video, the guys at PRO EDU sit down with Joe Naylor with Image Rights and fine art photographer Peter Coulson to discuss how photographers can protect their art.

What Every Bride Should Know About Photographing a Wedding Ceremony

Anyone who has been booked as a wedding photographer knows that this genre of photography can be extremely challenging. Perhaps no other field of photography throws as many variables at you more than those found on a typical wedding day. Whether it is crazy weather, horrible lighting situations, demanding wedding planners, strict church rules, or overall disorganization, there are a many many things that can cause the day to go less than expected. Here is what every bride should know about the challenges of photographing a wedding ceremony.