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A Super Simple Way to Quickly Change Any Color in Photoshop

Do you often find yourself wondering how different colors might look on your subjects? This one-minute tutorial will show you how exactly how to instantly change solid colors to whatever color your heart desires.

Leica Pro Reveals How to Capture Fantastic Live Concert Photos

Do you ever take photos of your favorite live musicians but feel your shots don't do the performers justice? Learn the inside tips from a Leica pro concert photographer on how to perfectly capture the atmosphere and emotions of a live gig.

New Tamron 17-35mm Full-Frame Lens Coming Soon [Rumor]

If you could find a quality alternative to high-end lenses that pack a high-end price, would you take the cheaper option? Tamron is set to announce its new 17-35mm wide-angle lens for full-frame cameras, and it looks very promising.

Everything You Need to Know About ISO

Along with the aperture and shutter speed, ISO is one of the three fundamental components that controls light and exposure, but many people don’t quite get it. This video will help answer all your ISO questions.

Is This Nikon's Best Value Portrait Lens?

Very often when there are two price options for a lens that has slightly different specs, the cheaper lens comes out on top in many peoples' eyes. In this review, two Nikkor 85mm prime lenses are put to the test against each other, so which one wins?

How to Use Beautiful Golden Hour Light for Portraits

Shooting during Golden Hour isn’t just for landscape photography. In this behind-the-scenes video you’ll get some great ideas and see how lens flares and using the setting sun can be great for shooting people too.

How to Create Stunning Reflections in Just One Minute

Reflections are a great way to turn very average images into stunning keepers worthy of including in your portfolio. In this video, learn how to create incredible reflections in less than 60 seconds.

How to Make Yourself Look Really Good in Photos

It's not easy taking photos of yourself, but it's a really great way to connect with people and show them who you are. So when someone who has over 500,000 online followers tells you her secrets to looking great in selfies, it's a great opportunity to learn.

How to Quickly and Easily Sharpen Any Blurry Photo

If you thought you couldn't use or rescue blurry, pixelated photos, think again. This tutorial will not only show you how to rescue and sharpen blurry photos, but also how to increase their size to prepare them for printing.

Three Absolute Musts If You Want Success on Social Media

When two guys with over two million social media followers between them sit down to share their secrets, it's a great opportunity to learn. This short, 6 minute video is jam-packed with helpful advice that anyone can start using immediately.