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So Many Photographers Make This Mistake. Are You One of Them?

We all make mistakes. They are part of the learning process, and if we want to improve, we have to accept that we'll make plenty of them. Photographers are no different, but there's one big mistake I see so many photographers make time and time again, yet it's so avoidable.

Five of the Most Overrated Camera Features

Cameras are really good these days. Whether your choice is mirrorless, DSLR, full-frame, or APS-C, the quality of modern cameras is rather outstanding. But there are some features that are particularly overrated, even needless. Here are five of them.

Photoshop Versus Lightroom: Which Do You Need More?

"That's been Photoshopped" is something you hear often but have you ever heard anyone say "that's been Lightroomed"? Does your answer to that question tell you which form of software is better, or which you need more?

Do Your Sky Replacements Look Crap? Here Are Some Reasons Why

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. When it comes to sky replacements, if you're repeatedly making the same mistakes and forever unhappy with your results, these tips will help you.

Are You Guilty of These Five Big Composition Mistakes?

What's the most important thing to master in photography? I asked this question to ten photographers and eight gave the same answer: composition. More than gear or technical know-how, understanding composition and avoiding common errors that many people make will help you improve your photography more than anything else.

How to Choose the Right Tripod

If you don't use a tripod, you're doing your photography a great disservice. But how do you know which tripod is best for your particular needs and circumstances?

The Best Sharpening Technique I've Used

Sharpness: it's what we all want from our photos and it's something many of us obsess over. If your shot out of camera isn't quite as razor edge as you'd like, there are quite a few ways to get more sharpness in post-production. This method is by far my favorite.

This Is How You Get Amazing Shots Inside Waves

If you've ever wondered how surfers, water photographers, and marine daredevils get those incredible images from deep inside the heaving bowels of deathly, cavernous waves and want to know how you can do it too, find out exactly how it's done here.

Did You Pay Too Much for Your Tripod?

Photography's expensive. Bodies, lenses, filters, software: it all adds up. But what about tripods? Do you really need to spend big on them to get what you want?

This Simple Camera Hack Changed My Life

It's so simple yet so powerful and has literally saved me hundreds of hours and untold gallons of frustrated, angry sweat. If you want to know a quick, fast camera hack that can make your photography life a rosy ride of comfort, then keep on reading.