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This Is the Best Camera You Will Ever Own

Debate among photographers about the best camera will rage unabated until the end is nigh. And there will likely never be universal agreement. Despite that, the best camera you will ever have is not a Canon, a Sony, a Nikon, or even a Hasselblad.

The Power of Bracketing Your Images (Even in The Ocean)

Do you think bracketing is necessary in today's world, where cameras are so sophisticated and post-production software so advanced? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, seeing how bracketing is used here will almost certainly spike your creative ideas.

Here's Why You Should Always Bracket Your Photos

For many years now, I have religiously bracketed all my landscape images and macro images of flowers. This is why you should give serious consideration to always doing the same.

Want to Win $3,700? Just Take an Image of a Pet, Any Pet.

That's right, $3,700 is up for grabs in the newly announced Comedy Pet Photo Awards. Just take a humorous photo of a pet and you're in the running. And the best part is that it doesn't even need to be your pet. It can be anyone's. Read on for more information.