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Which of These Is the Perfect Camera Backpack?

Photography is not all just bodies and lenses. There's lots of other equipment that goes into creating the perfect setup. One of the most vital is your camera backpack, so if you want to find the perfect one for your needs, take a look here.

Is This the Weirdest Lens You’ve Ever Seen?

One of the most important traits of being a successful photographer is creating a style that is unique and original. There are many ways to do this, and one of them is to use unconventional equipment. This lens may be one of the weirdest you'll ever see.

After Banning Some Third-Party Lenses, What Does Canon's RF Future Look Like?

Recently, Canon banned the production and sales of some third-party lenses for its RF mount cameras. Many photography enthusiasts bemoaned the decision and claimed Canon would lose out because of it. Now that Canon has confirmed the prohibition, what does the future look like for its RF mount cameras and lenses?

New Blur Filter in Photoshop Works Incredibly on Portraits

Some of Photoshop's most recent updates have added some incredibly powerful editing tools. This new blur filter not only works amazingly well on landscapes images, it is stunning on portraits as well. See how to use it here.

Drone Pilot's DJI Avata First Flight Review

DJI recently released the Avata, and it's made quite the buzz around town. So, how did this experienced drone pilot find flying the DJI Avata for the first time?

Are These the Most Absurd Photography Purchases You’ve Ever Seen?

Photography might well be the most gear-intensive pastime on the planet, which means that while there is some incredible gear available for purchase, there are also plenty of duds to waste your money on. Are these some of the worst photography purchases you've seen?

How to Use a Flash Outside to Freeze Motion

Why not just a fast shutter speed to freeze motion? That's what I always think, but there are good reasons to use a flash or speedlight to do it instead. Take a look to see what they are.

The Best Ways to Improve Your Fall Photography

In the northern hemisphere, fall is upon us, and with that, some magical opportunities arise to take stunning images of all the resplendent fall colors. Learn some invaluable tips on how to take your fall photography to new levels.