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Wedding Photographer Shares Three Signs a Marriage Might Be Doomed to Fail

Wedding Photographer Shares Three Signs a Marriage Might Be Doomed to Fail

Til death do us part? Apparently not, according to a popular wedding photographer who shares three signs she's picked up along the way that indicate a marriage will end in tears — of unhappiness. 

The best wedding photographers need to have a multitude of skills. Of course, they must understand their gear so intimately that they don't need to fiddle around with buttons or settings at crucial moments during the ceremony or celebrations, but they must also be extremely observant and cognizant of what's going on around them at all times. The best wedding shots are most often the unplanned and the spontaneous ones, which means photographers on the job must watch everything like a hawk. That also means that wedding photographers pick up on peoples' habits and mannerisms, sometimes so much so that they can make predictions about the futures of the brides and grooms.


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Shayla Herrington, a wedding photographer from Arkansas, has shared three signs she has picked up through her own work and from other photographers she's worked with that likely indicate a marriage will fail. The one that piqued my interest most related to how much time one of the spouses spends with friends at the reception rather than with their partner. When I got married, I made a beeline for my friends' tables every chance I got so I could quickly swig a beer with them, so I don't know what that means for me! We're still going strong in our marriage, so I'm not sure about these theories. They do make a lot of sense, though.

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I shot a wedding that almost didn't make it to the reception. The groom and groomsman drank all of the beer for the reception during the rehearsal dinner and the day-of lead up events (more than a full keg between the 6 of them). Needless to say the bride went ballistic on them, cried so much she had to have all of her makeup redone, and most of the photos of the guys had to be taken multiple times because they were trashed. To my knowledge, they're still together. I've also shot several other "young couples so in love" that I thought would last and they split in under a year. Hard to say really.

hahaha sounds like some of my mates. I had to cut one of the speeches short at my wedding coz he was eating into the drinking time!

More than 20 years ago, by pure chance, I was invited to an upper class wedding in Jordan. It was a really big deal. I took place at the Hyatt (or Hilton, I'm not sure). Two crews were there. One with three professional video cameras and half a dozen people, the other two photographers with professional equipment. The whole wedding took place over 3 days at different venues. It was a perfect show. When I returned home 10 days later - we stayed longer, took the opportunity to visit this beautiful country - they were separated. She had already moved out. I found out that they had separated the day before the wedding. Nobody, not even his old parents knew about it, only three close friends of hers. - No one has ever seen a photo or a video of that wedding. I met the groom later. He also did not know up until the day before his wedding, what was going to happen. He was devastated, lost his "love", and it cost him more than $ 50'000.

Sounds like there was a lot going on he didn’t know about…