Nikon Z 85mm Vs Z 105mm Vs Z 70-200mm: Which Should You Choose?

Should you get a prime lens or a zoom lens? Do you need a really fast lens or can you compromise? Three great Nikon lenses are put against each other here and those questions, plus more, are examined.

When you're thinking about buying a new lens, there are always different sets of criteria you need to consider. One of the most common is whether to get a prime lens — a lens with a fixed focal length — or a zoom lens. Some people steadfastly maintain they only shoot with prime lenses because of the perceived sharpness, while others prefer the flexibility that zoom lenses afford.

In this informative video by Matt Irwin, he puts three quality Nikon lenses together and compares them all. Specifically, he tests:

Irwin doesn't just compare the lenses within the parameters of prime versus zoom, as he also pits the two prime lenses against each other. The results he gets and his conclusions are very interesting, particularly if you're thinking about purchasing any of these lenses.

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