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Is Apple Vision Pro the Future?

Like many tech enthusiasts, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the announcements at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2023. There had been wild rumors of a new Mac Pro, and a new AR/VR product which would be an absolute game-changer in the world of consumer technology. Is VR the future, just another gadget, or something worse?

How to Add Glow in Photoshop

Here's a super quick and easy method of adding glow to objects in Photoshop using layers, blending modes, and brushes. This technique can be used to make light sources in your images look more realistic, or add some pop to a portrait. This tutorial would be helpful to anyone looking to start using layer masks and blend modes in Photoshop.
Should You Buy the Godox AD200 Pocket Flash? We Review

The Godox AD200 has been around for a few years now, and in 2019, Godox released the "Pro" version of the AD200. Is this small, lightweight, powerful flash the right choice for you in 2023? Why do so many photographers think so highly of this pocket flash?

What’s the Impact of AI on the Creative Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the photography industry by automating many tasks that were previously done manually. This has the potential to greatly impact the way photos are taken, edited, and shared. Should we be worried about AI or embrace it?

Create an Effective Rim Light With One Light

When starting out with off-camera flash, especially in portraiture, we don't always have access to a lot of high-tech or expensive strobes and modifiers. Here's a simple setup that will help you create stunning low-key rim lit images with very little equipment required.

Where Photographers Should Post Their Photos Online

We're now into 2023, and the Internet still feels a little like the Wild West when it comes to content sharing. There's so many places to share your work with the world. With lots of criticism of popular content sharing platforms, where should you be posting in 2023?

Look Inside a 150-Year-Old Camera

It's very easy to find information online about new cameras, news, rumors, reviews, and which camera you should be using right now. But there's far less information to be found about older cameras. Like many photographers, I find it interesting to look at the origins of photography and how far the science and technology in cameras has come in a relatively short period of time.

iPhone Versus DSLR: The Ultimate Real-world Test

Every year, mobile camera technology improves, and every year, I see more articles comparing phones to professional cameras. I decided to carry out my own comprehensive test to finally decide which device is better, the phone or the DSLR.

This New Tabletop Game Looks Like D&D for Photographers

I love photography, and I have more than a passing interest in tabletop games. You can only imagine my excitement when I heard there was a tabletop game being developed which lets you play as a wildlife photographer trying to get the best shots!

I Tried Newborn Photography and Quickly Realized How Hard It Is!

Having seen many beautiful images of newborns in the past, when I recently became a father for the first time I was keen to get some images of my newborn daughter. Unfortunately, the photographers I wanted to use had no availability, so I thought I'd try it myself. It was an interesting experience.

Canon Users Are Better Photographers

And while we're on the subject of which is better, iPhones are far superior to Android devices, the iPad is objectively the best tablet available, and digital imaging is far superior to analog film in every way imaginable.

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Photography?

With technology continuing to move on at a swift pace, there's been plenty of recent discussion as to whether digital renders can truly ever replace product photography. Taking this one step further, is it possible that one day, artificial intelligence could simply create images without needing any input from a photographer or digital artist at all?

I Tried Traveling Light. How Did I Get Along Without My Kit?

As a keen photographer, whether professional or amateur, one of the best parts of traveling to unfamiliar places is being able to capture new and interesting images. Whether you’re going on a dedicated photography trip, working away, or on family vacation, I'm sure we all put aside some space for our main camera and a lens or two. What if you left your kit at home and traveled light?

Where To Find Photography Models and How To Approach Them

Some photographers go their entire career without deliberately photographing people. However, most of us, at some point, will want or need to photograph people in specific situations. If you’re not used to working with models, here’s some helpful advice on how to go about it. Whether you want to learn portraiture or need to shoot a model for a specific job, this guide will be of use.

Fast High-End Retouching in Photoshop

When learning to retouch skin in Photoshop, most people start with frequency separation. Has Adobe now made skin retouching even easier with Neural Filters?

How to Improve Your Photography Without Spending Any Money

There are plenty of ways to get better images, we’ve all seen articles on which new camera to purchase, which new laptop will improve your editing, which courses to purchase, or where in the world you can visit to get stunning images. But what about some truly effective ways to improve your ability to get the shot without spending a penny?

Using Liquify to Improve Your Portraits

Any photographer with experience in portraiture knows that the image captured in camera is far from a finished portrait. Post-processing of portraits is a skill that takes time and practice to learn. Learning to use the Liquify tool can help to make a good image into a great image. As with all of the tools in Photoshop, it's important to know how much is too much.

Instagram? Flickr? 500px? Where to Share Your Photos Online?

Remember how great Flickr was at its peak? It was an active photography community to share and discuss images with other photographers all over the world. While the site still functions, it's nowhere near as popular and active as it once was, and it hasn't had a decent refresh in years. Oh, how the mighty fall. Where else can we share images with other photographers?