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Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Photography?

With technology continuing to move on at a swift pace, there's been plenty of recent discussion as to whether digital renders can truly ever replace product photography. Taking this one step further, is it possible that one day, artificial intelligence could simply create images without needing any input from a photographer or digital artist at all?

I Tried Traveling Light. How Did I Get Along Without My Kit?

As a keen photographer, whether professional or amateur, one of the best parts of traveling to unfamiliar places is being able to capture new and interesting images. Whether you’re going on a dedicated photography trip, working away, or on family vacation, I'm sure we all put aside some space for our main camera and a lens or two. What if you left your kit at home and traveled light?

Where To Find Photography Models and How To Approach Them

Some photographers go their entire career without deliberately photographing people. However, most of us, at some point, will want or need to photograph people in specific situations. If you’re not used to working with models, here’s some helpful advice on how to go about it. Whether you want to learn portraiture or need to shoot a model for a specific job, this guide will be of use.

Fast High-End Retouching in Photoshop

When learning to retouch skin in Photoshop, most people start with frequency separation. Has Adobe now made skin retouching even easier with Neural Filters?

How to Improve Your Photography Without Spending Any Money

There are plenty of ways to get better images, we’ve all seen articles on which new camera to purchase, which new laptop will improve your editing, which courses to purchase, or where in the world you can visit to get stunning images. But what about some truly effective ways to improve your ability to get the shot without spending a penny?

Using Liquify to Improve Your Portraits

Any photographer with experience in portraiture knows that the image captured in camera is far from a finished portrait. Post-processing of portraits is a skill that takes time and practice to learn. Learning to use the Liquify tool can help to make a good image into a great image. As with all of the tools in Photoshop, it's important to know how much is too much.

Instagram? Flickr? 500px? Where to Share Your Photos Online?

Remember how great Flickr was at its peak? It was an active photography community to share and discuss images with other photographers all over the world. While the site still functions, it's nowhere near as popular and active as it once was, and it hasn't had a decent refresh in years. Oh, how the mighty fall. Where else can we share images with other photographers?

Why Should Photographers Stay Up to Date With Tech?

Many of us spend hours of our lives reading gear reviews, checking rumor sites, getting excited about a new camera or computer releases, and generally keeping up to date with the technology behind modern photography. Some believe that by staying up to date with new technology we can make better-informed buying decisions and potentially get better at our craft. Some are simply interested in new technology. But how important is it for photographers to stay up to date with the bleeding edge of new technology?

Should You Ever Work for Free as a Creative?

No matter how long you’ve been involved in photography or other creative work, you’ve probably been asked to do something for someone for free, or worse, for “exposure.” Is it ever sensible to give your time without some form of tangible remuneration?

How to Convert Low-Res Logos to Sharp, High-Res Images

Have you ever needed to use a logo or image that just isn't high enough resolution or doesn't have clean enough edges to use? Here's how to quickly and easily convert a low-resolution image to a more useable high-resolution image in Photoshop.

How to Use the New Photoshop Sky Replacement Features

Earlier this month, Adobe updated the sky replacement features in Photoshop CC. This feature can make an image pop or make it look over-processed and fake. Make sure you know how to get the best out of this powerful Photoshop feature and create strong, realistic images.

How Well Does the Canon R5 Work With EF Lenses?

With many photographers making the switch from DSLR to mirrorless systems, there are a lot of us wondering if all those old lenses we've acquired over the years will still work as well on new cameras, or whether we'll have to swallow the expense of all new lenses too.

When Should You Upgrade Your Kit?

Now and again, we all get the desire to buy new kit; it’s only to be expected with the way new tech is marketed, combined with our desire to improve our craft. Do you need that new piece of equipment? Is it time to jump from a cropped sensor to a full frame? Should you move from DSLR to mirrorless? Will it improve your photography?

Apple September Event Announced

Today Apple finally sent out invites to the much anticipated September event which is cryptically named California Streaming. With only one week to go, what are we expecting to see?

Apple Clarifies Image Privacy Changes

Recently, Apple announced some new child safety features coming later this year in updates to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey. While the public generally seems pleased that Apple is taking steps to protect children online, there have been concerns about user privacy. In a recent interview, Erik Neuenschwander, head of privacy at Apple, clarifies a few points.

Why Is OnlyFans Banning Explicit Images?

This week, it’s been reported from several news outlets that OnlyFans, the popular premium subscription service known mostly for explicit content will be banning explicit content from October 1, 2021 forward. Why would they do this? What are they planning for the future? Could OnlyFans now become a better option for artists and photographers?

Apple Plans To Scan All Your Images and Report People to the Police?

Apple has announced this week that it is going to start rolling out new child safety features. These features are coming later this year in updates to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey. Apple says that this program is ambitious and protecting children is an important responsibility.