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Port Elizabeth, ZA

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What's It Like Working on a 49-Inch Ultrawide Display?

Many photographers and videographers like to work on dual-monitor setups with the two screens side by side, but that can cause some complicated logistics with connections and the like, and of course, it can be quite annoying to have bezels right in the middle of your vision. Can you solve that problem with an ultrawide monitor? This great video takes a look at LG's 49-inch monster to help answer that question.

Every Photograph You’ve Ever Taken Is a Lie: Steve McCurry, Tom Hunter, and the Problem With Visual Storytellers

At the heart of photography as a medium is a fundamental problem: every photograph is a lie. This slippery instability is often what makes it effective as a tool for communication, but it can also create problems for some of the world’s most respected photographers, including Steve McCurry and, more recently, fine art photographer Tom Hunter.

Just How Important Is a Flip-Out Screen?

Every new camera release sparks a conversation about features, with today's biggest concerns often being the number of card slots and the crop on the 4K. The presence of a flip-out screen also seems to be near the top of the list and while it seems to be critical for vloggers, just how important is to the rest of the camera-buying public?

How to Arrive at the Perfect Professional Portrait

Portraits are a great way to reflect professionalism. As a portrait photographer, what are the things that you can ensure to get the best for your clients? There are a few important areas that you have to pay attention to as a portrait photographer. Here is a quick article that discusses on how to arrive at the perfect professional portrait.

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