Understand Light Units and Make Better Decisions When Buying Gear

Following the technological progress of recent years, LED panels are becoming ever more popular when it comes to lighting videos and, increasingly, photographs. Getting your head around the various units involved can be confusing so this video can be a useful means of learning what they mean and how they relate to one another.

Beyond a vague understanding that they give an idea of how much light something emits, watts, lux, lumens, and nits are a mystery to most people. If you’re about to invest in some LED panels, whether it’s something affordable like the Yongnuo YN600Air to help make your vlogs look a little more pro, or something a bit more serious like the Rotolight NEO 2, understanding what all of these figures mean can be critical.

In this short video, Gerald of Gerald Undone gives a very simple explanation of these measures of light and provides a means of understanding how you can compare an LED panel to a light bulb, which might be useful trying to figure out how much power and how many light sources you require. What’s more, if like me you’ve always wondered how many lux I’m achieving with one foot-candle, now’s your chance to find out.  As well as learning how lux differs from lumens, it’s useful to know how watts relates to them both, especially when you’re running your gear from batteries.

Be warned: Gerald does a great job of breaking this down but there’s a lot to take in in a very short amount of time.

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The person in the video is smart and understands everything he is saying. However, this was one of those, "Look how smart I want you to think I am" as opposed to "Here is how bright the bulb is".

I'm not saying the video is not interesting or needed. I'm just saying that most just want to know how bright is this light going to be when I turn it on.

I don't need to compare to a candle since I can't recall the last time time I used a candle for illumination. Just my opinion and I'm positive others who are more involved in light will love it.

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The great thing about this video is, if you watch it twice. You will still have no idea how bright the light is. I'm sorry, this may be the worst video of all time.

Worst video of all time? If thats the worst video you've seen, then you must be living under a rock. Not only was it well produced but if you actually took the time to watch it, it made a lot of sense. Excellent video!

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If this video intended to explain the intensity of light to a group of photographers, it missed the mark.

If the intent of the video was to show how much the maker knew about lighting, without regard to teaching the audience. Then it hit the mark.

Just because a person has a grasp on any complex subject, does not mean they make a good teacher. I sure you know that.

An effective communicator is one that can take a complex topic and explain it a manner that the audience understands and learns from.