How to Get a Moody Feel to Your Cityscapes

A lot of cityscapes and cinematography of urban settings are moody and it's a very popular aesthetic. Here's how you can achieve the look with your own images using Lightroom.The YouTube channel Matt 'n' Seb is an interesting one for me. It hasn't got a massive following (and as people who read my work will know, I love sharing lesser known content creators!) but it's slightly different. The two photographers who work on this channel have two completely different photography styles.

You could argue they are polar opposites in fact. One opts for busy, neon images, while the other leans towards minimalism and serenity. That alone makes their collaboration and interesting watch. In the above video, they go through some Lightroom settings that help you achieve a moody look to your city images that you would typically see in cinema. Although it's very much in vogue, I love the look.

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