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B&H Photo Offering Major Discounts on the DataColor Spyder Color Calibration System

Chances are, if you're serious about this industry or have been doing your homework, you've heard about the importance of having color-accurate monitors in order to produce the best quality images possible. This point cannot be driven home hard enough: you can have all the correct techniques and execution, but if you're working on a monitor without a correct color calibration, your final image will not deliver the same impact as what you see on your monitor. The answer? A color calibration system.

The Parrot Disco Is a Drone You Can Fly in First Person View for HD Video

Now admittedly, this particular device probably won't see much use in a commercial sense due to a few limiting factors. However, that being said, for those in need of fast moving aerial footage in the 1080p range, this may be worth checking out. The Parrot Disco is a fixed wing, single operator, first-person perspective flight drone that can record up to 32 GB of 1080p video on an internal storage system. It's able to reach speeds up to 80 km/h, a 2 kilometer range, and 45 minutes of flight time. This could be an interesting step forward in the direction of other high-speed aerial recording that won't require the use of full-size planes or helicopters.

The Edelkrone Wing: Compact Smooth Dynamic Video Motion

Those of you who work with video will have heard the name Edelkrone passed around in regards to video and photography equipment, particularly in the compact market that's small in size, easily transportable, and reliable. Recently though they announced the release of their newest piece of gear they call, The Edelkrone Wing, marketed to achieve "perfect camera slides with no rails."

Richard Thompson on Photographing a Pagani Huayra BC

When the top of the line car manufacturers look for people to call on in order to craft their new marketing materials for the newest and most technologically advanced cars off their assembly floor, they reach out to people like Richard Thompson, and that's exactly what Pagani Automobili did, for their newest and most advanced automobile yet.

'Dronemon Go' Uses DJI Inspire to Catch Em All On New Pokemon Go

As I’m sure you’ve heard or seen if you’re at all active on Social Media, there’s a new craze sweeping across America and several other countries. For many it reaches as far back as elementary school, and for some it’s new territory. You guessed it, Pokemon Go has arrived and it’s apparently changing some people’s lives as well as the way people are interacting with each other.

Is Snapchat Ruined? Or Has It Been?

Now, I'll be the first to say I'm not an avid snapper. I don't broadcast a lot on my channel, but I do enjoy when I have a few minutes to kill to see what a few of my crazy friends are up to that do post daily or in some cases hourly, and I do very enjoy the fact that other than the random filters and stickers, the videos and photos are generally unaltered, and it seemed to almost be an honest window. However, Snapchat is now offering "Memories," or the ability to post or save photos to the app in order to post or repost them later.

BLACKBIRD - The Mill: The Automotive Industries' Newest Secret Weapon for Filming

From the company that pioneered the use of virtual car reskinning for video use, comes the newest innovation of film technology. The Mill, in partnership with JemFX, Performance Filmworks, and Keslow Camera, launched their new product onto the scene, dubbed "Blackbird." Resembling a mix of a Caterham 7, a dune buggy, and maybe some sort of Batman-esque type vehicle, the Blackbird is a small electric car that has pre-mapped tracking points on it to allow for easy replacement in post.

Newest Installment of 'Joyride' Video Series - What's Next?

If you ask many filmmakers, or any video production companies, coming up with video ideas and concepts is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially when you're trying to make a series. However, through abstract story telling, Penzoil has successfully made a video series that so far, has kept viewers coming back for more with each iteration of the series. The first, a powerful trip through a city, the second a high speed trist around a race track before breaking back onto the streets, and with this last one, a high velocity excursion through the desert.

'Patience' - The Power and Versatility of Time-lapse in One Video

Time-lapse videos are everywhere nowadays. You can see them in everything from Hollywood blockbusters, to educational documentaries, to that one weird guy's YouTube channel showing the most random things in a time-lapse format. Well done time-lapses should definitely be appreciated as, make no mistake, they are works of art in their own right.

Flirting With Disaster: Filmmaker Duo Flies Drone Inside Byzantine Church and the Result Is Beautiful

Flying a drone indoors is always a challenge. You have to remain absolutely calm and collected, and generally, I highly recommend not flying a drone indoors, especially if you're new to them in general. That's also the warning that Filmmakers Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud give anyone wanting to recreate this feat. They are a pair of rather brazen drone operators if I've ever seen any, coming together to form their company BigFly. Normally, the risk of flying a drone inside of a structure is already high, but usually, the highest risk is to the safety of your equipment, as the ease with which your drone could come into contact with any number of disastrous endings is increased exponentially.

Make Your Videos More Cinematic With Letterbox Templates

Whether you realize it or not, most videos produced for cinema or even high-end marketing campaigns have some sort of cropping on it, be it by design or with a specific purpose in mind. It's a common occurrence, and for the most part, when you wanted to use this kind of cropping you either had to make your own templates or scour the web in order to find what you were looking for. Well thanks to the folks over at PremiumBeat.com, they have compiled an extensive list of what they claim to be every popular video resolution in the world. All the way from 720 HD to 8K and creating crop ratios from 1:1 to 4:1 Polyvision.

Photography Just Got the First Automated Selfie Stick

Just when I thought the selfie stick game couldn't get any crazier, this pops up on my radar. Ever wondered how some people seem to always get the perfect selfie? How do they always get the right lighting? If you're into that sort of thing, this might be just the invention for you!

Pratik Naik and Modifying Color with 3D LUT Creator

For those of you who don't know who Pratik Naik is, you're missing out on an extremely talented and witty retoucher with immense talent. Known by many as Solstice Retouch, his work is seen around the world in many a marketing campaign and commercial work. A little over a year ago now, Pratik started his youtube channel, under the name 'Solstice Retouch' and has posted a variety of different video types ranging from time-lapse videos of his retouching of work, some gear reviews and thoughts, and additionally some downright comical videos. Just recently though he posted a video of his review of the demo of 3D LUT Creator.

The Plague of The Fauxtographers

Fauxtographers. Everyone knows what that means, commonly associated with Mom-tographers and GWC's. Basically someone that self describes as a photographer with no basis or experience to warrant such a title and in some extreme cases, people who have for long stretches of time have made claims of being a professional but have not improved their methods or techniques past what that little green square on the camera does.

New Autofocus Lenses From Samyang Optics

Anybody that has purchased a lens at anytime knows that it can definitely be a costly endeavor, and most people would argue that frequently, you get what you pay for. For years Samyang, has produced affordable alternative options that maybe are not as refined as other lenses, but deliver a good bit of optical quality for the price. Up until now, they haven't offered autofocus-equipped lenses, but with this announcement, they have launched two autofocus lenses.

Sketch Photoshop Videography Photography Planning

You can have the tools, and you can have the know how, but what is one of the most powerful skills that most photographers, videographers, and just about anyone else will swear by in a creative industry? The power of forethought and pre-planning. Granted, for some this step isn’t as important as it is to others. However, whether you sit down and make a shot list, sketch out some rough ideas for shots, or just develop a really strong concept of what you want to accomplish on a project, most people do pre-plan in some way shape or form.

Cinema Devices' New Antigravity Rig Takes the Weight off Your Shoulders

Anyone that has used a gimbal without a support harness for longer than a few hours knows that it can get exhausting, and stretching the use longer can be downright painful. Now, many people will say: "hey, why don't you get a Support Vest to take the weight?" That is a viable option. However, with those systems, you're frequently locked into a height, and you don't have the opportunity to change from a low level shot to a high level shot. Even shooting freehand, you're only able to get as high as your arms will reach.

craft camera video videography videographer film

For a few years, the names in the game of digital video technologies have remained pretty constant, especially in the professional or prosumer category. It’s not often you have a company jump onto the scene swinging, promising to release what could be one of the most versatile systems to hit the market in a while; this is exactly what Craft Camera has done. Purchasing isn’t available yet but they are taking reservations now and shipping out the first units off the line as early as December.

[Updated] 'Photographer from Hell' Sued After Wedding Photography Catastrophe

Shooting a wedding can certainly be a daunting task, especially if you're new to the genre. However, self-described "up and coming photographer" Chloe Johnston soon learned that they, just like every other business venture, have a serious job that should not be taken lightly. In this instance, I'm not sure if it was a lack of experience, or maturity, or both. Ultimately she did not deliver a desirable final product. After which, she publicly tried to defame the bride and groom once they attempted to voice their concerns to her about the low photo count and overall poor quality of the images delivered.