Newest Installment of 'Joyride' Video Series - What's Next?

If you ask many filmmakers, or any video production companies, coming up with video ideas and concepts is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially when you're trying to make a series. However, through abstract story telling, Penzoil has successfully made a video series that so far, has kept viewers coming back for more with each iteration of the series. The first, a powerful trip through a city, the second a high speed trist around a race track before breaking back onto the streets, and with this last one, a high velocity excursion through the desert.


A Little Mystery...and a Heck of a Ride

In the official release of the first video, there was no mention of the driver, it was just an impressive video of a rampaging Hellcat Challenger tearing the streets of an unnamed town. So at first, it was a heck of a video that amazed audiences, between the fantastic driving by none other than Rhys Millen, the excellent camera work, and the amazing audio that tied all the elements together. However, Penzoil then released a prequel to the 'Airlift Drift' Video that introduced the mysterious driver character that appeared to receive some sort of secret message the revealed the location of the car and keys. Thus creating the mystery of "Who is the driver?" and "Who is sending the messages?" This move set up the abstract back story of the mysterious Joyriders, which at the moment, is a faceless group of individuals seemingly hellbent on pushing cars to their very limits while recording data on the vehicles performance. This slight addition set the tone for the series creating some drama, which would only serve as the icing on the cake to keep the viewers coming back with each release.

The Mysterious Driver from the newest installment of "Joyride"


Now, more than just a hint of mystery, is the level of production these videos have, between the subtle story telling, to the action packed driving sequences that have been painstakingly choreographed to produce some extremely well put together essentially short films. The minds behind these videos are the members of The Embassy, specifically the director Ozan Biron, have worked together extremely well to produce this series. In the behind the Scenes video of the first Film, they talk about how they wanted to do something different, and off the wall. Instead of just talking about what their product can do they wanted you to feel it, and I have to say, I think they've hit the nail on the head.


Where do they go next?

First the City, Then a Race Track, and now the Desert...Where to go from here?

In order for a series to be successful many have said that the series needs to evolve and become better with each iteration. We've all sat down to watch a sequel to a franchise and been utterly disgusted with it for one reason or another. I could point fingers but I won't. This series so far has been compelling and whilst the storyline at the moment is simple its message is well delivered and each video definitely makes me excited to see the next. Question is now, where will they go next? Will it be back to an urban environment? Or perhaps the desolate Tundra. Guess we'll have to wait and see.


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Good article and I liked the video and will most likely watch the one's that follow...

The first thing that comes to mind is the BMW short films from ~15 years ago, I'm thinking, off hand. My favorite was "Beat the Devil", but there were several others, in the series, that were just as comparable. There was another one that Madonna was in as I recall...

Some of my favorite movies are under 30 minutes.