New Site Art-list Offers Unlimited Music for All Your Video Projects

Who else is sick of hearing the same five Premium Beat songs in what seems like every advertisement on TV right now? Well, fear not, a new site is in town to help you with your short film or commercial projects, and there is plenty of variety. For $199 a year, Art-list gives you access to universal licenses and unlimited downloads for all of your music needs. Yes, you read that right, unlimited downloads. 

Founder Ira Belsky was tired of hearing the same old stock music and paying for overpriced "premium" songs. Maybe it's just an editor problem, but start listening to the music on TV and the radio, and you'll hear them too. Apart from finding unique music, music licensing can get really expensive. Here at the Fstoppers office, we easily purchase 10-15 songs for new projects, and with songs ranging from $40 to $60 a pop, it adds up. Art-list's subscription-based licensing is far more affordable. 

Probably the coolest feature of the music licensing is the fact that Art-list's songs are under a universal license. Basically, once you download a song, you are covered to use it for any project, anywhere in the world. Also, you don't have to resubscribe to continue to use the songs; once downloaded, it's yours to use forever. And do remember, it's unlimited downloads. Yeah, I know this all seems too good to be true. 

Art-list is still in their beta version, but the site is fully functional. They are looking to add features like searching for particular music, sharing your favorite songs, and also the ability to add tracks and artists to a favorites list. They have more than 200 artists and more than 1,000 songs currently online, but their catalog continues to grow every day.

I think that pretty much anyone who needs multiple songs would really benefit from an Art-list subscription. From indie filmmakers to wedding cinematographers, there are songs that would be perfect for your projects. With their universal licensing, diverse music selection, and affordability, Art-list is a no-brainer when searching for music for your next project. 

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Chelsey Rogers is a commercial video editor. She's done work for Walmart, Hallmark, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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Just what a college student needs!

I love these types of deals/sites! You can basically pay once, and get the whole library they have available. Turns out to be incredibly good value for the amount of material you get. The downside is that if you' only pay for one month/year/whatever time period, you won't get new material. But in most cases, the library of available material is already significant.

You need a browser that can download the streaming material, I use Torch. It used to be better, but now you have to be careful during the install to not install any of the add-ons they try to get you to, but it still works like a charm saving streams. Basically, the data's already being sent to your computer, now you're just recording it to the HDD/SSD instead of just in RAM. I downloaded hundreds of hours of tutorials through kelbyone and lynda, which obviously I wouldn't even be able to watch in a month or two even if I used all my free time. Obviously, you wouldn't want to share with other people, but using for yourself, it's great! The digital age has allowed us so much that would have cost us an arm and a leg in instruction in previous times.

If I was a filmmaker regularly, I'd definitely do this. This is an incredible deal! But I make like maybe one or two short little movies a year, if that, and there's enough content out there that's available free. But for more professional videographers, just wow!

Franklin, are you advocating theft of music for those who "make like maybe one or two short little movies a year"?

Sure sounds like it.

I don't think he's advocating theft with "Obviously, you wouldn't want to share with other people, but using for yourself, it's great!"
Although, yes hypothetically you could download the whole library, no one is actually going to do that, and for this price it is definitely worth the 10 or 15 songs one might need a year.

Even more affordable and available today is They charge $10USD/month, certainly worth a look.

Check 'em out! You can reach out to them on Twitter: @SoundStripeApp, tell 'em @Adamski sent ya ;)

What is the difference between this and Audioblocks? besides the fact that audio blocks is cheaper

Audioblocks is inexpensive but their catalog is lacking and the songs they do have seen to be almost knock-offs of other sites. I noticed a lot of overlap with them and audiojungle. I've used audioblocks for the last 2 years but will probably be moving over to one of the site mentioned above - just better sounding music that fits the my projects better. Also check out for some great, inexpensive tracks.

I LOVE Podington Bear, he's on as well, which is another great resource for music, although not much for commercial licensing.

I checked it out.
The track selection is decent, but...

No 15/30/60/full option?
No way to at least sort by length?

How is this great for commercials?

I present my last film . Utilise musique from art list

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