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Is Snapchat Ruined? Or Has It Been?

Is Snapchat Ruined? Or Has It Been?

Now, I'll be the first to say I'm not an avid snapper. I don't broadcast a lot on my channel, but I do enjoy when I have a few minutes to kill to see what a few of my crazy friends are up to that do post daily or in some cases hourly, and I do very enjoy the fact that other than the random filters and stickers, the videos and photos are generally unaltered, and it seemed to almost be an honest window. However, Snapchat is now offering "Memories," or the ability to post or save photos to the app in order to post or repost them later.

Many have equated this to the activation of algorithm feeds. If you have not read up on those yet, feel free to take a gander here.  He might be right, he might not, but by the same token, I have a feeling that Snapchat isn't changing, I know there are a number of feeds that I follow that are already posting reposts of screen captures via third party apps. So, is this really that catastrophic of a change? To all you snappers out there, do you really feel like this is as critical as some people think, or is this just another social media app changing its ways to be more appealing commercially?​ Has it really lost all its spontaneity? Let me know your thoughts. 

Also, big thanks to my buddy Mike Peters for letting me steal a few of his Snapchats for the article. He's been my go-to stunt and performance driver for video projects, so if you're in need of such things, he's a great guy to check out.

[via Gizmodo]

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This is how I've always used snapchat, just with a 3rd part app to post.

Yup, it's been done that way almost since it came on the scene so I find it rather comical that some people are in fact up in arms about it. Making it integrated into the app probably just made it safer or something.

Snap what?

Pretty much.