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When Photoshop's Sliders Won't Do the Job, Try the Three Picker Compensation Method

Each new version of Photoshop brings better sliders to the software for adjusting the colors of your photographs. Sliders are great for quick editing and have become a staple of my post-processing. However, sometimes, the sliders are just not enough for getting that exact color you want, and more control is needed. PiXimperfect has an excellent video for taking extreme control over the color correction process.

15 Terrific Tips for Traveling With Camera Gear

Flying with camera gear doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you’re a professional photographer traveling for a job or a hobbyist traveling home to see the family over the holidays, these tips can make your next trip fly by with ease.

Stop Buying Equipment to Improve Your Photography, There's a Better Way

The holiday season is upon us and dreams of new camera gear are dancing in our heads. Our email boxes are full of offers for deals on lenses, flashes, tripods and of course those new mirrorless cameras. If only we could have it all, our photographs would be so much better.

Learn Photoshop's 19 Adjustment Layers in 30 Minutes

Photoshop’s adjustment layers are some of the most powerful tools available for post-processing photographs. With the ever-increasing number of sliders available in Lightroom and Camera Raw, the adjustment layers in Photoshop seem to get less visibility, which is a mistake.

Canon EOS R Takes on the NFL

Can the Canon R mirrorless perform well enough under the pressure of shooting an NFL football game? There is more to camera performance than the quality of the photographs.

Put Down Your Camera and Improve Your Photography

We have all heard it before: shoot more, do a 365-day challenge, or attend a workshop. This advice is fine, and it can improve your photographs, but how about putting your camera away to improve your photography?

Improve How Your Images Look on Instagram Using Photoshop

Do your photographs on Instagram not look as good as they do on your computer screen? Are you looking for something to improve the look of your photos on Instagram? Well, watch this video to improve their appearance on Instagram.

Fox News Uses Photo After Owner Says No

Well, here we go again with a major news organization not getting permission to use a photograph. This time, they asked first and then ignored the answer. This time, it involves Fox News and a photograph of bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc’s van.

Nine Tips to Improve Your Black and White Photography

The colors of autumn are at their magnificent full strength here in New England, and I’m thinking about black and white photography. In about two weeks, these autumn colors are going to give way to lots of browns and blacks and eventually, some white snow. So, why not start thinking like I am about practicing some black and white photography this winter?

Take Your Photography to New Heights: Aviation Photography

As soon as humans realized their dream of flight, photographers started dreaming of photographing from high above. I had a chance last week to have my dream of shooting New York City from above come true.

Must-Have Photography Equipment for Your Studio

Nikon, Canon, and Sony don’t provide all the equipment you will need to be a photographer, especially if you’re a studio photographer. Cameras and lenses aren’t the only necessary equipment a photographer should own. Daniel Norton gives his advice as to what equipment he thinks you need.

Build Your Own Justin Clamp for Half the Cost

Besides my camera, the one item that I always travel with is my Justin clamps. They are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that I own, but they can be pricey. So why not build your own?

The Photography World Has Changed Forever, but Does It Matter?

Nikon and Canon recently released their much-awaited mirrorless cameras, and the Internet has been abuzz ever since with reviews and what seem to be everyone's opinions. There is no doubt some things have changed in the photography industry, but does it matter?

Your Photos Need More Life and Less Photoshop

I find so many photographs today to be technical masterpieces, yet they lack any sense of life. They don't draw the viewer into the photograph or encourage the viewer to spend several moments viewing the photograph.

Canon EOS R Image Quality Comparison to Other Canon and Sony Cameras

The number one requirement of any camera is to produce good-quality images. It doesn't matter what other features a camera has if it produces poor-quality images. Tony Northrup recently posted a video comparing the image quality of the new Canon EOS R to several other cameras.