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State of the Union for Mirrorless Cameras: FroKnowsPhoto Addresses the Community

Canon, Nikon, and Sony are all now seriously committed to the mirrorless camera market, so what does that really mean? As each manufacturer pursues a slightly different path in the mirrorless market, and Sony having several years head start compared to Canon and Nikon, where will each system be in one to two years? Just importantly where does each manufacturer stand today?

Get a Canon PIXMA Pro Printer and 50 Sheets of 13"x19" Paper for $149 - Limited Time Offer

I own the Canon PIXMA Pro 100 printer. In fact I purchased mine under a similar deal that B&H is offering right now which is $250 off the normal price of $399. That’s just $149 for one of the most dependable photo printers on the market. I love my printer and enjoy adding printing as another part of my photography experience. The prints I’m able to produce are fantastic and it gives me another means to thank a client, by giving them a print they can hang.

Unique Headshot Backgrounds for Small Areas Using Softboxes and Gels

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for unique backgrounds, especially ones that work in small spaces. If the background is easy to set up and can be configured from material or gear I already have, well sign me up. So when I saw the title to Gavin Hoey’s latest video, I knew I had to watch it and if you are also looking for something small and easy, I suggest you watch this video.

Fstoppers Tests the CamRanger Mini: Does the Mini Have the Power?

When shooting action sports I’m always looking for ways to get shots that the other photographers aren’t, but lots of times due to safety concerns by the promoters, I can’t get to places I want to shoot from during the event. This is where the CamRanger Mini comes into the picture, by giving me the ability to remotely place a camera before the event starts and then triggering the camera remotely from a safe location.

The Best Skin Softening Photoshop Action

Skin retouching is an art form in itself, and there are thousands of different ways to retouch skin in Photoshop. Skin retouching is such an essential part of creating the final image in the beauty and fashion industry that there is a whole industry of artists who only specialize in skin retouching.

23 Speedlight Setups to Try This Year

While the rage may be LED lights and very portable strobes, it is still hard to beat the ease and simplicity of good old speedlights. Most of us have at least one, if not more in our camera bag, and I always carry two of them with me whenever I’m shooting. So, why not dust off those speedlights and brush up on some great ways to use them with this great video?

Will The Next Nikon Z Be An Entry-Level Camera?

Now that Canon has recently announced the EOS RP, is the next Nikon Z camera on its way? And if it is, where will it fall in the Nikon Z lineup of cameras? If rumors are correct, the next Nikon Z camera will most likely be aimed at an entry-level full-frame user. Perhaps called the Nikon Z5?

Are We Having Fun With Photography?

When was the last time you can remember having fun with your photography? Not the joy of landing a photography job or the excitement of nailing that one photo, but rather childlike fun while shooting.

Add Colorful Contrast to Your Photographs In Two Easy Steps

Are you tired of your images looking flat? Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to add a little punch to flat photos. Some techniques are complicated and require lots of time in Photoshop or Lightroom, and some are easy to learn and quick to execute like this one from PiXimperfect.

Stop Going It Alone: Why I Stopped Being a Photographer Hermit

For many photographers, photography can be a solitary pursuit. Many of us run a single person business where the majority of our time is spent by ourselves. Sure there are times when we collaborate with clients, talent, and assistants, but this isn’t the same as socializing with our photography peers. I’ve been fortunate enough to find an excellent solution for my isolation and highly recommend it to all photographers.

Use Food to Help Master Composition in Your Photography

Composition can be one of the hardest aspects of photography to master. Rule of thirds, leading lines, rule of odds, and frame within the frame are just a few of the many composition techniques. Some are easy to understand and comprehend while others are a bit more difficult. This video from The Bite Shot provides an excellent, straightforward introduction to composition.

DIY Tips for Making Your Own Backgrounds

Does winter have you climbing the walls looking for something to do? Do you need some new or more interesting backgrounds for your food or product photography? Well then perhaps this DIY project is just the thing for you.

High Key: The Quick and Dirty Way

Are you looking for a quick setup to photograph a group of individuals? Perhaps you only have a few minutes to set up and need a consistent look across all your subjects. Well, then this single light high key setup should be part of your lighting library.

Bored With Photography: Now What?

It happens to all of us at, doesn’t it? Boredom! Even photography can become boring from time to time. So, how do you break out of those doldrums? If you’re in of these cycles, perhaps Kai W has some advice that can help you.

Nude Photography: Why Do People Do It? [NSFW]

Nude photography is a very complex subject, one that can be viewed from thousands and thousands of points of view. The final product can range from what most would consider straight-up porn to what many would think to be fine art. But why do people on both sides of the camera do it?

Santa's Photographers Get a Jump on Spreading Happiness and Joy to Hospitalized Children

The Christmas holiday brings to mind images of children in their home, opening the gifts Santa left the night before. One pictures the entire family in their pajamas sitting around the living room as wrapping paper flies and the children’s faces light up with surprise. However, for too many children, this image is replaced with the hard, cold reality of celebrating Christmas in a hospital. But The Heart Project along with Santa are out to change those images for a few lucky children.

Joe McNally Spills the Beans Over Coffee on What it Takes to Make Great Images: Part 1

Joe McNally — the name alone brings up so many thoughts of photography-related topics that could be written about. So, where does one begin when having a coffee with this world-famous photographer and storyteller? This is the thought that kept running through my mind on my 90-minute drive to have coffee with McNally and to talk about his work and life in the photography industry.