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Is the Fashion Industry Sexist Towards Female Photographers?

“In 2017, just 13.7 percent of magazine covers from the top 10 American fashion publications were photographed by women,” according to Erin Cunningham of Refinery29, and yet, according to the 2010 United States Census, the female population of the United States is 50.8 percent. So, why are there so few women shooting the covers of fashion magazines?

Blow Your Photos Away: The Best Fans for Glamour Portraits

At some time, if you’re shooting glamour photos, you are going to need to perfect the blowing hair technique. This type of shot is inexpensive and fun, but does take a little more talent than merely throwing a fan in front of your model. This excellent video shows you the different fans and techniques that can be used to give your model that windblown look.

Stop Buying Cheap Photography Equipment, Buy Value

We’ve all heard the saying "buy cheap, buy twice," but does this mean that we should only buy the more expensive equipment? I'm sure we've all purchased some equipment at some time and ended up wishing we had paid a little more for a better piece of equipment. To me, the word 'cheap' should never be used to describe photography equipment.

Why Do You Care if Anyone Likes Your Photography?

Why do we care so much what people think of our photos? Do we shoot for others or do we shoot for ourselves? Does it help us progress by having strangers or even people we know comment on our photos? What about formal reviews by so-called experts?

A Selfie Artist Can Improve Your Photography

There never seems to be anything new or exciting to shoot around our hometowns. For me, it seems like I’ve photographed everything at least once if not twice by now. So what should we do? Perhaps taking some advice from a self-proclaimed advance selfie artist might help.

Equipment Recommendations for Photographing Motocross

Let’s talk some more about photographing motocross, and this time, let’s get down to the technical aspect of photographing this great sport. Don’t worry, you don’t need lots of expensive gear to get decent photographs, especially if you are shooting at your local track.

Smoke Up Your Photos With Color Smoke Grenades

Need something new to try in your photos? Tired of the same old props? Why not try a grenade — a color smoke grenade, that is. Sure, smoke grenades aren’t anything new, but if you haven’t used them before, they’re new to you.

Tips on How to Photograph Motocross

I love photographing actions sports like surfing, skateboarding, cycling, MTB, and of course motocross and Supercross. Motocross and its cousin Supercross are great sports to photograph and are easy for fans with cameras to get close to the action. Read this first article of a three article series to get some tips to make your first outing or your hundredth outing a little more rewarding.

Vacations Call for Photography Moderation or You're Doomed

Have the questions your family ask you like “are we there yet?” been replaced with “how much camera stuff do you really need?” And “why do I have to carry this camera lightbulb thing in my suitcase?” Read on and the following tips just might save your family from a horrible vacation.

Review of Reviews: Should You Trust Consumer Ratings?

If you’re a photographer, then you’ve purchased equipment and more likely than not, it was from an online vendor. Today, we see something we want, perhaps read some customer reviews, and then purchase that shiny piece of photography equipment. But have you ever thought about those reviews? Who wrote them and why?

Make Your Photo's Colors Pop Using Photoshop

You can make your photos pop by boosting their color in Photoshop. But as with everything in Photoshop, there are many ways to accomplish similar results. I compare my go-to method to PiXimperfects method. Read on to see the compared results.

KISS Your Photography Hard Drive Today

When it comes to protecting our photography data we all know we should do it, but for a lot of us, we don’t know how to protect our data from loss. Should we use a RAID 1 or a RAID 6, striping or mirroring, NAS or DAS? I use KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid.