Blow Your Photos Away: The Best Fans for Glamour Portraits

At some time, if you’re shooting glamour photos, you are going to need to perfect the blowing hair technique. This type of shot is inexpensive and fun, but does take a little more talent than merely throwing a fan in front of your model. This excellent video shows you the different fans and techniques that can be used to give your model that windblown look.

In this video, Joe Edelman shares his knowledge on how to achieve the classic blowing hair look. We’ve all seen those photos of a terrific-looking man or woman with beautiful, thick hair blowing as if there was a gentle ocean breeze during the photo shoot. While Edelman’s video is filmed in his studio, his fan recommendations and techniques can just as easily be used in outdoor settings.

The use of fans doesn’t have to be limited to hair flying in the wind. The approach can be used for numerous other looks, such as a model wearing a flowing evening gown, where the fan gives the dress a fuller look. Or perhaps you want to give the impression of a rescuer battling a storm to rescue an injured victim. Or maybe you just want to photograph good old Fido with his long ears flapping in the wind. 

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Dan Howell's picture

The title of both the video and article "The Best Fans for Glamour Portraits" but it fails to even mention the professional standard studio fan from Reel EFX which are commonly found in professional rental studios and equipment rental houses, not the barrel shaped fan mentioned in the video. They are both more powerful and more controllable than any of the fans mentioned, not to mention possibly quieter. The burst function takes the fan from 0-full blast instantly which can be used effectively for desirable results.

Clearly they are not a budget item, but the video is woefully incomplete by failing to even mention them. I own not only the black plastic floor fan (Vornado), but also the barrel-shaped studio fan and the smaller studio fan from Cowboy Studios when I found a great deal on a Reel EFX studio fan. All of the fans mentioned are virtual toys in comparison. They are generally adequate for moving hair, but I have not found any of the others able to reliably move fabric. Again, not for every budget but given the title, the list is incomplete.