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Clinton Lofthouse
York, West Yorkshire, GB

Articles written by Clinton Lofthouse

How To Create Evil Undead Eyes in Photoshop

In this video tutorial watch, Dean Samed shows us how to create evil undead eyes in Photoshop. These can be used in your Halloween or conceptual images.

The Incredible Work of Molly Baber

Molly Baber is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and fashion photographer creating conceptual works that evoke blood, death, and feminine power, as well as a subconscious fantasy through ritual, divination, and mythology.

Why We Should All Be Grateful for Adobe

You can not go on any photography-related blog these days without seeing some kind of negative post about Adobe, or an Adobe article without a comments section of people with their pitchforks and lanterns out.

Dean Samed: The UK's Most Prolific Genre Cover Artist

If you ever entered the dark depths of Deviant Art a few years back, you would have most likely stumbled upon the name Conzpiracy at some point in your journey. Like a modern-day urban legend, his complex manipulations of the macabre made waves through the DA community.