How to Use AI Augmented Sky in Luminar 4.2

In this tutorial video, watch as I show you how to use the Luminar AI Augmented Sky tool. 

The latest update of Skylum's Luminar has a cool new feature called AI Augmented sky. Using the program, you can add composite elements into the background or sky. The amazing thing about this is that the software AI masks and places the composite element for you into your sky. But it does not stop there, as you can also manually refine the effect if you do not have the results you want. You can move the element around the image completely masked behind your foreground elements. In this video, I show how to use the feature on two different images of mine.

This feature is great for beginners who want to ease their way into compositing or photographers who want to give their images more of an artistic flare. The feature is very easy to use, with just a dialog box and a few sliders. One great thing is that you can add your own images so that you can update and grow the library of elements that you can use. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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Jeremy Lusk's picture

I like when he added the birds behind the background, implying that each bird is roughly the size of a 747.

Clinton Lofthouse's picture

It was a quick demonstration, I wasn't going fro photorealistic. But thanks for taking the time to comment.