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Avoid Landscape Photography Frustration and Enjoy the Journey

As a landscape photographer, do you feel frustrated when things don’t quite work out? Maybe the weather wasn’t cooperating or despite your best efforts looking for an engaging composition, you couldn’t find one before the light faded. Learn to enjoy the journey and watch the frustrations fade away.

Is Less Camera Gear Better for Your Landscape Photography?

Do you ever feel like you carry too much camera gear when out practicing landscape photography? A camera bag, a camera body, a trio of lenses, batteries, filters, a tripod, maybe a drone or action cam: it all adds up. This video looks at taking a minimal approach and some of the advantages that it brings.

Improve Your Landscape Photography Composition With One Element

Composition can be one of the hardest skills of landscape photography to learn for more pleasing images. The rules can be overwhelming: the rule of thirds, leading lines, golden ratio, and more. This video brings it all down to one element to help master composition and landscape photography.

How to Slow Down and Capture Beautiful Landscapes

Do you find yourself arriving at a landscape photography location, getting the tripod set up, the camera out of the camera bag, and then walking away disappointed with your images? Something not quite right? I have some tips for finding your shot, whether it is a new location or one of your old favorites!

Fixing Seven Beginner and Pro Landscape Photography Mistakes

Photographers make mistakes; it is part of the hobby of photography. They happen from not knowing how to use the camera adequately, to forgetting to change a setting, to post-processing errors. This video covers seven landscape photography mistakes you can easily correct, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Practicing Landscape Photography Locally Is Essential for Your Growth

Grand trips for landscape photography are exciting and can make it look like you’re really living the landscape photographer life. But practicing your landscape photography locally shouldn’t be underestimated if you want to improve your technical and compositional skills.

Simplifying the Grand Landscape With the Telephoto Lens

Landscape photographers often default to the wide angle lens when approaching grand scenes in the early part of their photography path. This video looks at simplifying these scenes with a telephoto lens to highlight the smaller details of a landscape.

My 5 Early Landscape Photography Mistakes

As we consume social media, YouTube videos, and online articles, it is easy to think everyone else out there knows what they are doing. I made many mistakes early on in my landscape photography journey. I still make mistakes today! I’m going to share some of those early mistakes I made and things I wish I'd started doing sooner.

Photographers: Put the Social Back in Social Media

Social media is changing. The algorithms are changing. The type of content and media is changing. And change is uncomfortable. Change can be frustrating. What is a photographer to do? I say put the social back in social media.

Small Scenes: The Natural Progression of a Landscape Photographer?

Small scenes landscape photography: the practice of photographing the little details within the grander scene. Is it simply a genre that some landscape photographers gravitate towards? Or is it the natural evolution of a seasoned landscape photographer?

How to Photograph Landscapes Outside the Golden Hour

Bright and sunny skies, or bluebird skies, as some call them, are the bane of landscape photographers. Or are they? We’ve all been taught to seek out the “good” light of golden hour or dramatic skies. This video talks about how to walk away with great images even on those sunny, cloudless days.

Abstract Photography Tips to Improve Your Compositions

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stuck when composing a landscape photography scene? Having some tips on what to look for can help if you are stuck. This video looks at the world of abstract photography as a way to find scenes and compositions.

The Power of Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

It can be overwhelming for a landscape photographer when it comes to the editing process. Between all the sliders and sections in Lightroom and a myriad of options in Photoshop, it can be difficult to know where to start. This video walks you through some simple steps in Lightroom to enhance your photograph, with the final touches done in Photoshop.

Is the Camera a Key to Experiences?

Landscape photographers use a camera to capture stunning images, but have you stopped to think about how the same camera is a key to experiences? A key to new places. A key to new adventures. A key to an enhanced experience with nature. A key to meeting new people.

Tips for Better Landscape Photos in New Locations

Do you struggle with your landscape photography when at a new location? It can be challenging when you are photographing a new area. You don’t have a go-to composition, you don’t know when the light is best, and so on. This video walks through how one photographer approaches a new location.