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Is ISO 100 Always Right for Landscape Photography?

As landscape photographers, we hear it all the time: "Always use ISO 100 for your photos. That is the only way to get the crispest and cleanest image." Is this true, though? Should we be afraid of using a higher ISO? Or are there times you should use a higher ISO? We find out in this video.

Fixing Your Landscape Photography Editing Mistakes

Capturing landscape photography images is only half of the process. Mastering the art of editing will help strengthen your images by finding the balance between too much editing and not enough editing of the photograph. This video highlights some common editing mistakes landscape photographers make.

Gatekeeping in Landscape Photography: Good or Bad?

Whether to share locations in landscape photography is a frequent topic of discussion in landscape photographer communities. People get frustrated when they ask where a photo was taken and the photographer won’t tell them. Are they gatekeeping, or are they trying to protect the natural landscape?

Tips for Photographing Dramatic Seascapes

Photographing a seascape with crashing waves along the shore and the movement of the water can be a challenge for a landscape photographer. This video provides several tips on capturing dramatic images from the seashore with an ultrawide lens.

A Landscape Photographer's Guide to Cost-Effective Travel

While many have tips for keeping travel expenses low regionally, what happens when you start flying to landscape photography destinations? Things that work with regional travel don’t scale when limited on what you can bring. I have several tips for keeping travel costs low when flying to your destination.

Don’t Use This Button in Adobe Lightroom

Photographers are always looking for ways to improve their editing process. Often, a particular piece of advice is given to use a specific option in Lightroom to help nudge your photo in the right direction. This video talks about why you should never use that option.

Mastering Awareness to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Photographers often chase the "best" camera gear or ask, "what settings did you use?" in hopes of improving their own landscape photography. Mastering your tools is an ingredient of stunning images but not the only one. Acute awareness of your environment is also a key component.

5 Pro Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Landscape Photography

Burnout can happen to any of us, from hobbyist photographers to established professional photographers and everyone in between. Whether you feel like you are on the path to burnout or are already there, I have five tips to help you through it!

Does Editing Your Photos Make You a Bad Landscape Photographer?

There is often debate about how much editing crosses the line of having an authentic photo. Does the image need to be straight out of the camera with minimal adjustments to be genuine? Does more editing ruin the authenticity? This video discusses where the line is for the right amount of editing.

How Much Editing Is Too Much for Your Landscape Photos?

Within the genre of landscape photography, there is often debate about how much editing is too much. When does the photograph go from natural to manipulated? Does it even matter? How much editing is too much for your photos?

Exploring Scenes in Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers often speak about the advantages of scouting locations, but a certain creative energy can be lost with too much pre-planning. In this video, we follow along as a landscape photographer explores an area which has some benefits and downsides.

Simplifying the Scene in Landscape Photography

Composition in landscape photography is an essential aspect of the craft. Many rules talk about leading lines, the rule of thirds, visual weight, and more. These rules are good guidelines, but the art of simplification is at the root of good compositions.

Things a Photographer Would Do Differently Starting Landscape Photography

After many years of experience, one will often look back with learned wisdom on things they would have done differently from the beginning to get where they are today faster. In this video, we hear from an experienced landscape photographer about things they wish they had known.

Patience in Landscape Photography: Waiting for the Light in Zion

In today’s modern age of digital cameras and near-instant results, it doesn’t take long for the pace of modern society to end up outside with us on the trail. This video helps show how being deliberate and slowing down can make for a relaxed and refreshing landscape photography experience.

Stop the Stress, Create for Yourself

As the year begins, people are making resolutions and setting goals. Add in the constant social media trends and photographer communities saying how things should be, and it can be overwhelming and a source of stress. Despite all of that, remember to create for yourself and be true to your vision.

The Perfect Trio of Nikon Lenses for Landscape Photography?

What is the perfect trio of lenses for landscape photographers? This holy trinity of lenses is broken down into three main categories: a wide angle, a standard zoom, and a telephoto zoom lens. I’ve finally settled on what I think this trio is for Nikon landscape photographers.

Buy the New Gear or Take the Trip?

You're a landscape photographer facing a choice: invest in new camera gear or embark on a photography trip with some extra funds in hand. Which option is the better choice for enhancing your photography?

Staying Warm for Landscape Photography in the Winter

Cold weather landscape photography is one of my favorite times to be out photographing. Familiar landscapes become unfamiliar once again. But you must be prepared and comfortable while out in the elements. Here is my approach to staying warm in the winter.

Six Months With the Nikon Z8 as a Landscape Photographer

The Nikon Z8 has been out for over six months now. The camera has many promising new features, but is it the best camera for landscape photography? This is a look at the Z8 after six months of usage by a landscape photographer.

Mistakes You Are Making With Your Woodland Landscape Photography

One of the more difficult landscape scenes to photograph are woodland environments. Many landscape photographers find these locations challenging to photograph, myself included. This video has several tips on how to improve your woodland landscape photography.