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Travis Meier

Articles written by Travis Meier

Can You Recreate Hollywood’s Movie Scenes Using Toys?

Watching Back To The Future as a kid, I always wanted to recreate the flame line scene after the DeLorean hits 88 mph. In my photography career, I have yet to come across one that works and has a Mr. Fusion. YouTuber Sirdork has beaten me to the punch by using toys.

Playing with Hot Wheels, I always remember staring deep into the vehicle to look at the smallest details. At an older age, I look back and wonder why someone would ever spend that much time making a steering wheel look so real, especially something that would likely fall victim to a child wielding a hammer...

Charles Brooks: Architecture in Music Interview

Jumping back to an article I just wrote on how to speed up your career by 10 years, We Eat Together suggested “finding your passion and photographing the hell out of it.” That is what exactly New Zealand-based photographer Charles Brooks did in his recent photo series, Architecture in Music.

How to Shoot Vehicle Rollers and Make Vehicles Look Fast

Have you ever tried to sell a vehicle that was a little past its prime? It may not have a lot going for it, but using the “car roller” technique could make that vehicle look as awesome as the day it rolled off the lot.

How to Speed Up Your Photography Career by 10 Years

Believe it or not, I have been a freelance photographer for six years. Looking back on it, I have been struggling to make it, truly learning the meaning of the term starving artist. I wish I would have received this bit of advice so many years ago.

What Is Manhattanhenge?

Do you know what a barm or a zarf are? They're two items seen practically every day but rarely called by their real names. A barm is the foam head on a beer, and a zarf is the cardboard burn prevention sleeve. This brings me to Manhattanhenge. Can you believe it’s a New York City sunset?

So... You Wanna Photograph the Northern Lights

The northern lights are one of the great unicorns of the photography world. Researching how to find them can sound as complicated as entropy. Luckily, this video breaks down everything you need to know about analyzing the science behind hunting the auroras.

Look Like You Know What You're Doing With These Camera Hacks

Having been a freelancer for the majority of my professional life, there is rarely one part of my operation where I am not bootstrapped for cash. Yet, it’s been the most beneficial because it shows the power of creativity no matter how cruel the rig. In the end, the shot does the talking.