How to Speed Up Your Photography Career by 10 Years

Believe it or not, I have been a freelance photographer for six years. Looking back on it, I have been struggling to make it, truly learning the meaning of the term starving artist. I wish I would have received this bit of advice so many years ago.

In photography, I have this saying: “if it pays, it stays.” What I mean by that is I will grab any paying jobs to keep my dream alive. Those jobs could be real estate, insurance claims, race photography, or any mindless, non-creative paying gig. Much of the time, they are mindless opportunities for which my passion is not aroused.

It’s great in the short-term, because who doesn’t love paying bills? It does lead to a lot of distraction from what one is passionate about. Eventually, it leads to this never-ending loop of passionless photo jobs one dreads to do.

This is what happened to We Eat Together. He bopped around a variety of photography categories but never really found a foothold. Until one day, he discovered passions outside of photography. In turn, he used his camera as a tool to express his passions. By doing so, he got away from the passionless gig loop and gained traction in his photography career.

Photography is a daunting career choice because everyone has become one with their phone. The way to break through the noise is to combine passion, creativity, and focus. Perhaps you could save yourself a decade and the feelings of failure by becoming one of the best photographers in your passionate niche.

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Travis Meier is a Minneapolis freelance photographer, videographer, and drone pilot. Having traveled to over 45 countries and around the world twice. He has photographed some of the most popular events to some of the most remote places in the world. Normally in unforgiving temperatures...woof...

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