Can You Recreate Hollywood’s Movie Scenes Using Toys?

Watching Back To The Future as a kid, I always wanted to recreate the flame line scene after the DeLorean hits 88 mph. In my photography career, I have yet to come across one that works and has a Mr. Fusion. YouTuber Sirdork has beaten me to the punch by using toys.

Playing with Hot Wheels, I always remember staring deep into the vehicle to look at the smallest details. At an older age, I look back and wonder why someone would ever spend that much time making a steering wheel look so real, especially something that would likely fall victim to a child wielding a hammer for entrainment.

Now, looking at it through my photo life eyes, I appreciate finer details because of the amount of creativity it allows for a photographer to have. Sirdork has definitely taken advantage of this style on the internet. Creating and recreating scenes using action figures and bare minimum pyrotechnics allow for endless opportunities.

Sirdork walks you through his kit and informs the viewer about everything one needs to create interesting and dramatic scenes. Toy photography shows the possibilities of the endless imagination someone can have. Hopefully, this will lead to a recreation of the DeLorean hitting 88 mph instead of hitting it with something else.

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Travis Meier is a Minneapolis freelance photographer, videographer, and drone pilot. Having traveled to over 45 countries and around the world twice. He has photographed some of the most popular events to some of the most remote places in the world. Normally in unforgiving temperatures...woof...

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I was working on the movie’, when one afternoon we decided to have our own ‘tank battle’ in the workshop and somehow a dalek got involved…

Nice work! I love the concept!

SirDork is a great guy and certainly a pillar in the Toy Photography community! He's awesome! I also discovered toy photography a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the near unlimited creative possibilities of it. It quickly became my favorite genre to shoot! I highly encourage anyone to at least give it a try.

That is awesome, nice work!