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B&H Launches Massive Black Friday Sale on Apple Products With Savings up to $1,100

With Black Friday only a couple days away B&H has added another sale to their already impressive list of savings by putting a wide variety of their Apple products on sale. With savings up to $1,100, there are amazing deals to be had for any fan of Apple hardware. Whether you are in the market for a new iPad or want to buy a whole new desktop rig this is certainly a sale to keep an eye on.

Black Friday Deals Have Arrived on Cameras, Lenses, and Printers at B&H with Savings up to $1,400

It seems that each year Black Friday arrives earlier and earlier, this year B&H photo is getting started almost a week early with some big savings to kickstart the holiday season. With deals on cameras, lenses, computers, printers, and more with savings up to $1,400, there is certainly something to scratch any gear itch that you may have. Get your Christmas shopping started early for that special someone in your life.

Why Eliminating Background Distraction Is a Critical Aspect of Any Retouching Workflow

When retouching we often place a strong focus on the primary subject of the photo, often demoting other aspects of the image as a fleeting second thought. Which makes sense, the primary subject of the photo is the most important aspect of a photo. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the background, if the background is distracting the viewer from focusing on the subject there is a tremendous loss of coherency throughout the image.

In the Market for a New Computer? Save up to $650 at Massive Laptop Sale by B&H

The Christmas season is nearly upon us and it is probably time to start thinking about that perfect little Christmas gift for yourself! Until the end of November 19th B&H photo is having a huge sale on a wide variety of laptops to fit almost any need. Savings range from $20 all the way to $650 with laptops aimed at virtually any budget level.

Fstoppers Reviews ON1 Photo RAW 2018

On November 9, ON1 software released the latest version of their flagship editing software. Photo RAW 2018 looks to move ON1 further forward to being a genuine alternative to Adobe suite as an all-in-one photo editing tool. Touting a variety of critical new features Photo RAW 2018 promises to be the strongest iteration of the software to date. In this review, we will be putting Photo RAW 2018 through the gauntlet to determine if its latest new features move it closer to that goal.

President of NEXT Models Discusses the Industry and What Photographers Need to Learn in Order to Succeed

Fashion Photographer Alexi Lubomirski recently sat down with Kyle Hagler, president of NEXT models, for an intimate and candid chat about the modeling industry and what photographers can do to succeed. Hagler offered an array of fantastic advice that almost any photographer can draw on. Solely focusing on abstract aspects of what makes a great photographer, he is able to provide advice that resonates in a unique way.

Using Clone Tool Blend Modes To Better Preserve Desirable Skin Texture When Retouching Skin

Often when retouching skin we want to clone away high contrast blemishes without also cloning the texture surrounding it. Advanced techniques such as using frequency separation can be a great help to make this sort of thing easier by separating detail from broader tones. One often overlooked technique that does a great job of preserving mid-tone detail while cloning is to leverage the power of blend modes to target only bright tones or dark tones when cloning.

Great Rebates on Cameras and Lenses to Help You Get a Jump on Christmas Shopping

Every year as we panic a week before Christmas trying to find the best gifts for our most cherished loved ones we vow to start a smidgen earlier the following year so that things aren't quite so hectic in December. Here is your chance to get a jump on that shopping right now. Nikon, Canon, and Olympus have added some amazing rebates to help get your shopping started for that special photographer in your life. With up to $800 in savings, these end-of-year deals might just be the perfect time to buy a present or two for yourself as well.

A Desperate Plea to Stop Screwing Up Eyes Using Photoshop

One of the most common retouching catastrophes I see on a day to day basis is an overzealous attack on eyes. Like over-baked HDR, obnoxiously over-retouched eyes have become almost ubiquitous among less experienced retouchers. Awareness is the first step to recovery, so in the spirit of painting a big obvious flag in front of all of you eye ruiners out there, take note. Your models will love you if you learn how to make their eyes look amazing without making them look like they belong in an episode of "Stranger Things."

Fstoppers Reviews the GoPro HERO6 Black

The GoPro HERO6 Black is the latest flagship camera in a long line of popular action cameras from GoPro. The HERO6 comes with some pretty hefty promises which we wanted to put to the test to see if this new camera truly is deserving of all of the hype sent its way. Claiming revolutionary low light and stabilization the HERO6 hopes to be the new gold standard action camera on the market.

GoPro Open Sources the CineForm Codec

As a key player in the transition from SD to HD, the CineForm codec has enjoyed a long history as one of the codecs continually on the cutting edge of video compression. GoPro has decided that moving forward it will be officially open sourcing the CineForm codec in order to better allow developers access to what it feels is the codex that will usher 360-degree video into the future. With the arrival of GoPro's new Fusion camera in November, the open sourcing of the CineForm codec appears to be a great step towards expanding interest in GoPro's new platform.

Five-Year-Old Fashion Photographer Should Be an Inspiration to Us All

Jayden Bethea is a toddler on a mission. At an impressively young age of five, Jayden has already discovered and developed an impressive passion for fashion photography. Following in the footsteps of his mother, Selah B. Marie Bethea, Jayden is showing that creating great photography is within the reach of anyone who has a passion to create and a willingness to experiment. Armed with his trusty Nikon D5300, 18-55mm lens, and the support of his energetic mom, Jayden is creating work at a quality far beyond his years.

C.J. Burton Reveals How He Created His Viral Donald Trump Cover for Newsweek

Earlier this year Newsweek ran a cover featuring everyone's favorite president to hate as their cover, depicting him lazily hanging out in the oval office pounding back the calories in about the least presidential way possible. Newsweek contracted legendary conceptual photographer C.J. Burton to create this inevitably notorious cover. Naturally, Burton quickly realized there would be no chance of him getting access to either Trump or the Oval Office for such a shoot so needed to leverage the power of compositing to create the image desired by the client.

Has Behind the Scenes Become More Important Than the Final Photos From a Photoshoot?

There has been an increasing trend over the last few years that many newer photographers have latched onto. That trend is how important it is to tell the story "of" the photoshoot rather than just conducting the shoot itself. I've been noticing a very specific shift in priority from a time when it was all about the final images to a balance between shooting and behind the scene to our modern world where it can often be surprising how often behind the scenes actually seems to be the true product of a photoshoot.

ON1 Software Announces Photo RAW 2018

Today ON1 Software announced the 2018 version of their flagship editing software, Photo RAW. With the addition of a variety of new features, Photo RAW 2018 promises to be the most compelling version yet. Among others, ON1 has added support for HDR, panoramic stitching, and more powerful masking to Photo RAW. A free public beta of Photo RAW 2018 will be available Friday, October 6.

GoPro Unveils HERO6 Black and Fusion Action Cameras

At an event this morning in San Francisco, GoPro unveiled its latest flagship product, the GoPro HERO6 Black. The HERO6 boasts an impressive new set of features that marks it as a distinct update to the GoPro HERO lineup. In addition to the HERO6 Black, GoPro also revealed the Fusion, a revolutionary new action camera designed to capture spherical video.

Why Fear Is the Enemy of Great Photography

If I had a nickel for every time I witnessed a photographer missing out on a great photographic opportunity in the name of fear, I'd be a rich man. Fear is one of the most powerful forces that holds us back in our lives. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, or fear of injury all play a huge role in our decision making by clouding our rational judgment. By letting fear control us we let it define the limits of what is possible. Never let fear play a key role in the creation of your art.

Why Being Pickier Will Make You a Better Photographer

The vast majority of photographers often flounder in a state of perpetual mediocrity wondering why their photos aren't getting better. They invest thousands of dollars in gear along with hundreds of hours of practice only to see what amounts to the most minimal of improvements. One of the most often overlooked characteristics of great shooters is that they never complacently accept that "good enough" is an acceptable metric in relation to their photography. Being picky enables great photography.

The Difference Between a DSLR's Viewfinder Autofocus and Live View Autofocus

Most photographers use their cameras on a daily basis with little or no thought to how it functions under the hood. For the most part, this makes sense, mastering a tool doesn't require understanding exactly how it functions on the most intimate technical level. There are, however, aspects of camera operation that a cursory knowledge of can aid in being better equipped to address unexpected technical or mechanical issues. Given that autofocus can be finicky, it quickly becomes one of the critical aspects of your camera that you should take the time to learn about.

Critical Properties of a Pro Photographer's Website

So, you want to chase a career in professional photography and have managed to build yourself a respectable portfolio that you can begin to use to market your talent. The next step in building your credibility as a professional in the space comes in the form of crafting a web presence that reflects the brand of a seasoned pro. You need customers to see you as someone that really knows what they are doing and is serious about every aspect of your brand. A big part of this aspect of your brand is your own personal website. Social media is fantastic for expanding your influence but it lacks the intimacy to fully represent you. You need a website and that website had better make you look good!