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Awake - A Timelapse of The Northern Lights by Alexis Coram

Last year Alexis Coram's Technicolor Alaska - a mesmerizing time lapse film of the Northern Lights - was shared on Fstoppers along with being showcased in National Geographic's Short Film Showcase of the year. This year, Coram has created a new masterpiece, "Awake." Coram traveled back to Alaska this past February for a long weekend in hopes to catch another glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Two Sides of the Story: Newlyweds Upset with Wedding Photographer

Over the last week, a story unfolded about a newlywed couple in Dallas upset with the services they received from their wedding photographer, Andrea Polito. A few days ago, Polito issued an open letter to share her side of the story. This story serves as a lesson and caution to all wedding photographers to consider when handling clients and business dealings.

Seniors Ignite Series - A Timeline for Your Senior Model Program

It is never too late to start a senior model program. In fact, now is the best time of the year to define your program and select your models. Every market is different, but most of us slow down in the winter months. We have photographed the bulk of the senior class in the fall, however there will be a few spring senior's sessions that book right before graduation. This is the time to prepare for the next class. Jen Basford with 3 girls photography and Seniors Ignite joins us for another article highlighting how to plan your senior model program and at what times to execute your marketing for the new year.

Capturing The Moment in Wedding Photography

A new year and a clean state; last year’s resolution was to take wedding photography "back to basics" and capture images that truly matter to couples and their families. At the end of this year, I had the opportunity to look back on the moments of 2014; a new emotional set of images that are imperfect perfection.

Pricing Guide For The New Year

It is the time of the year when we look back at the past 12 months and decide what worked and what didn’t work in our businesses. This is the most common time of the year to re-vamp pricing for the upcoming season.

Big Week for Instagram: Announces Changes and Growth

This week has been a big one for Instagram. The social media platform announced that it is cleaning up spammers, and Fortune noted that Instagram has left Twitter in the dust with 300 million active users. What does this mean for our businesses? If you aren’t on Instagram, or using it actively, you are missing out.

Seniors Ignite Series - Creating a Year-Round Senior Business

Our latest article in the Seniors Ignite series with Jen Basford from 3 girls photography covers how to create a year round senior business. Jen has created a studio that doesn’t slow down in the off months. Instead, she is constantly building her portfolio and generating revenue. How does she does do this? In this article, we dive into the four things that have helped Jen create a year-round business.

Seniors Ignite - Drawing Models To Your Senior Rep Program

Jen Basford with Seniors Ignite and 3 girls photography joins us for another interview about building your senior model program. In this article, Jen touches base on what her models receive as part of her program.

Client Photo Requests - How To Communicate And Educate

As photographers, we are all subject to the “I saw this photo on Pinterest” or “I love this photo of my friend” requests. Below are three tips on how to handle these requests without killing your creativity and keeping your client happy.

Tips From A Model To A Bride To Be

Jen Brook, a model, recently wrote an article to future brides to be about what to expect and how to prepare for being photographed on their wedding day. Her tips on posing, preparing, and practicing are a great read to share with your future brides.

Saturday Night Live's New Look And How They Did It

Alex Buono, member of the SNL's film unit, helped produce one of the coolest title sequences ever using time-lapsing, light writing, freelensing, and other effects. The show is celebrating their 40th season so they wanted this sequence to be classic and iconic, a little dressed-up, and typography integrated into the cityscape.

Seniors Ignite Series - Tips For Building A Senior Rep Program

Last month we interviewed Jen Basford of Seniors Ignite and 3 girls photography about reasons why you should have a senior rep program. The full article can be found here. This month we are getting into specifics of what is takes to build a successful senior rep/model program and insight on how Jen built a program that sees continued success.

A Time-Lapse Adventure Of Norway

If you haven't been to Norway this video by Rustad Media will have you booking your plane tickets. This video is the work of a 5 month adventure, shot from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) long road trip. In addition to video, tens of thousands of images were taken along the way. This journey covered all of Norway’s 19 counties, from the far south to the Russian border in the Northeast.

Angry Ram Knocks Drone From Sky And Attacks Photographer

As the old saying goes, "mess with the bull and you will get the horns", is what one photographer from New Zealand found out the hard way. Not everyone thinks that drones are cool toys. The owner of the drone claims to have rescued the ram from a farmer who was going to put him down because he was so aggressive.

Products that Sell - Senior Portrait Photography

As senior portrait photographers, we are often plagued with the decision of what to offer and what to sell to our clients. For those doing in-studio sales, the goal is to sell products that people desire and want in their homes. Below are five products that sell like hot cakes in my studio to high school seniors and their families.

Seniors Ignite Series - Why You Should Have A Senior Model Program

Over the next couple of months, I am teaming with Jen Basford, owner of 3 girls photography and co-owner of Seniors Ignite. If you aren't familiar with Seniors Ignite, it is one of the best resources out there for senior photographers.

Don't Miss the Fstoppers Series on TogTools Podcast

We are so excited to announce that the staff writers and contributors from Fstoppers have teamed up with TogTools to give you a new series with an in-depth look behind each of our businesses. If you aren't familiar with TogTools, it is an awesome resource for new and emerging photographers to obtain industry information from some of the best pros in the industry. Founders Stephen and Jess Robertson bring you in-depth podcasts with answers to questions you have always wanted to learn from some of your favorite photographers and videographers.

Famous Disney Characters Brought To Life Through Portraits

Thanks to Deviantart artist Karen Graw, you no longer have to imagine what famous Disney characters would look like in real life. Graw translated some of Disney's most famous animated characters into composite portraits and the results are very realistic. Graw admits they aren't perfect, but we think they are a very good representation.

Sealing The Deal - Booking More Senior Inquires

Like most photographers, you have probably had in influx of senior calls recently. Schools will be back in session in less than a month, parents are trying to squeeze in appointments before their kids get busy with their final year of high school. What are you doing to turn your calls into appointments?

Securing Business For The Off-Season

Prepping for the off season is something we rarely do, as we barely have time to keep our heads above water during the busy season. Even though we may break goals and surpass expectations at certian times, there are always a few months out of the year where we feel like we are starving for work. A couple months of low sales can take half the year to make-up and recover financially.