Angry Ram Knocks Drone From Sky And Attacks Photographer

As the old saying goes, "mess with the bull and you will get the horns", is what one photographer from New Zealand found out the hard way. Not everyone thinks that drones are cool toys. The owner of the drone claims to have rescued the ram from a farmer who was going to put him down because he was so aggressive.


This wasn't the ram's first offense, in fact, he has a Facebook page and other videos on YouTube displaying his aggression. The angry ram is also a hater of motorcycles, cars, and people. In this video, the ram knocks the drone from the sky as it hovers over this territory. The drone was knocked into some brush as it was trampled by the angry ram. Like most photographers, the owner of the drone proceeded to search and rescue his toy. Little did he know, the angry ram was waiting for him to retrieve the drone and launch a sneak attack.

I wanted to post this video not only because it is wildly entertaining, but as a warning to drone owners everywhere: don't piss off the wildlife. The owner of the video claims that no animals were hurt in the making of this film; he and his drone were the only ones who suffered injuries. 

Via (GrandViewOutdoors)

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Jennifer Kelley's picture

LOL!!! I love how it waited until the photographer got the drone and was leaving to run after him.

When shooting outside, it never hurts to bring some critter friendly food for distraction, an umbrella (not for the rain, for the swooping wildlife), and learn to climb a tree.

Brian Reese's picture

And drone pilots wonder why national parks have banned them.

Sara Smoot's picture

That was funny! ...but naturally I want to know what happen next, did the guy get butted in a bush like the drone did? Did he run for life? I'm so curious!

Scott S's picture

Well, now he probably knows why the farmer was going to put the ram down. A ram broke our local newspaper photographers' femur, a good friend of ours was killed by a ram (neck), and I paid for college raising sheep and have been tossed a good 10 feet in the air by one. If you're going to photograph animals (wild or domesticated), you should probably have some understanding of animal behavior :) Thanks for posting!

Ralph Berrett's picture

That is what you call Ram Tough. Maybe he should have been flying a Predator.

Ross Jukes's picture

The rare occasion a photographer needs 'less Ram'.... (sorry)...

Lee Christiansen's picture

What on earth was the drone operator doing by getting so close to a live animal. This is what we get when you don't have training or licencing for operating these things.

If some idiot has buzzed me so closely with a drone then I'd be headbutting him too.

Deserved everything he got.

Peter Barta's picture

Yes, people like this will ruin flying drones for the rest of us! I completely agree to what Brian Reese said about this is one of the reasons why national parks have banned them.

Spy Black's picture

The new ANGRY RAM video game will be popping up at the App Store soon to give ANGRY BIRDS a run for the money...

Sergio Tello's picture

Even animals hate those things. I too have an unnatural hate towards them.