Canon Almost Made the Best Camera for Vlogging, but Then Screwed It Up

Maybe that sounds harsh. But if you think about how much time Canon has had to develop the EOS R, you would think that it would have have been enough time to consider including important features that photographers and videographers already have in other camera bodies.

For years now, Canon has made an almost impressive run at continually releasing new products that underwhelm, well, everyone, including longtime supporters. Need we revisit the reception of the 6D Mark II or 5D Mark IV? If Canon spends as little time with the development of their other products (outside of camera gear), then it would make sense why shareholders, like the consumers, seem to have also lost some faith in the company. Canon's share prices have been in a continual downward trend for the entire year, dropping over 11 percent, bringing them down dangerously close to their five-year low. In fact, according to Simply Wall, Canon's share price is above its future cash flow value, and while Canon's revenue growth is positive, it is not above the United States of America market average. Compare that to a company like Sony, which has share prices climbing to record-breaking (for Sony) heights. In fact, over the past five years, Sony's share prices have climbed consistently, bringing the company share prices more than 167 percent growth, which is astounding. Particularly when compared to a company like Sony, Canon just seems like they haven't got it together anymore.

The EOS R isn't a total flop, as Tony Northrup points out; it does have some valuable features for both photographers and videographers alike. I don't want to spoil the surprise for you, if you can call it that, so you'll want to make sure to watch Northrup's review of what the major pros and cons really are for this camera body. But even I was surprised at some of the drawbacks that were illuminated during this video review of the camera. Personally, a couple of the biggest problems with the camera are enough to turn me off from ever wanting to purchase it. That may not be the case for you, however, so check it out and let us know what you think about what you see concerning the Canon EOS R.

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Scott Hussey's picture

Camera systems represent less than 20% of Canon's sales (much less so for Sony). So interpreting shareholder faith relative to recent camera releases based upon share prices alone could lead one to making some highly flawed conclusions.

Christopher Eaton's picture

I believe you missed the part where he said that if their performance in the camera is reflective of the rest of their products, it would help explain it.

Scott Hussey's picture

I read that part. It felt specious.

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

ho no, another lousy and pourly 'only one slot EPIC failure' video coming from influent youtubers...

Sorry, but they should be ashamed and do something else... its getting really annoying.
Click bait powered article, I do not even want to view the youtube link, it does not desserve a hit.

revo nevo's picture

How is it clickbait when his card did fail and with Canon staff right next to him ?
We can joke about two card slots all day long but it's still a problem and for 2400$ it should not be.

Stop apologizing for your preferred brand. Sweeping an issue under the rug is not a solution. 😂

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture


Yeah. You should watch the video, or at least for about 30 seconds from the 4 minute mark.

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

new device, tons of software, need debug. Do you really want to blindly rely onto v1.00 firmware ? seriously ?
If in critical situation, do you really use the latest device that did not prove its software and hardware reliability in first place ?? Seriously ?

It smells more like a bug than a card failure. If the card had really failed, it could not be read at all.
I can even bet an old but trusty 'format procedure' will be enough to revive that SDcard...
And for guys encountering memory card failure like that one, can anyone tell us how the system worked with the second slot ? Did the second slot really work or the camera was stucked and needed to replace the faulty card ?

I do not recall if the card was new and formated into that camera, did Tony say anything about that in his rant ? Swapping cards between different system has never been a nice idea and made them prone to writing errors. Did anyone recall anything about that sdcard ?

Mike Stern's picture

So Nicholas finally watched the video.
—— Sorry, but they should be ashamed and do something else... its getting really annoying.
Click bait powered article, I do not even want to view the youtube link, it does not desserve a hit ——

I don’t think you are “sorry”. You are just banning videos of highly professional youtuber who happened to be good photographer without even watching it.

That means you just hate them for a personal reason.

SD card failure is real and more videos should be out warning us. And yes, it is disappointing that Canon failed about releasing a new camera with duo SD cards.

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

Hmmm, I work in IT. Had a Cisco first batch of switches that had a serious bug. Did we whine like nowadays youtubers or internet influencers do ? No !
Did we put Cisco ashamed on the internet because they dared to release a buggy hardware and/or firmware ? No !
The manufacturer was informed live, they found the culprit and replaced the devices for free a few days/weeks later with the bug ironed out ! Period.

Canon new MILC is still in early life period. What is the point claiming that camera is untrusty because it only does have one memory card slot ?
It is still not really available to the real life test : tons of customers owning and using the device.

We don't have the final word about the camera afterward behaiviour after the video crash in Tony's trip !

Did the camera be totally locked down by this memory card ? or did the camera not work anymore as we did not seen other videos or pictures after the incident ? we don't know and it is not explained but Tony use this problem to serve the 'OMG only one memory card slot failure'.

did another memory card solve its problem ? No clues but seems to be yes !

Did he say he had 3 videos failure alike ? On the same body ? 2 or 3 different body ?
Or do you really want to make me believe he had 3 SDcard failure in a weekend ???

Seriously ! This stink like a body firmware bug and has nothing to be a 'only one memory slot failure' problem.

But you'll argue we have to get on, and you may feel right. But if the problem lies, for exemple, into a file management problem from the firmware, do you really think it is evident that a mirrored 2nd memory card could not be impacted like the main one and at the same time... LOL you, me and Tony has ZERO clue.

You think I hate them for personnal reason ? yeah, I think nowadays influencers can be competent photograper/vlogger or videast, but they have in first point to make people look at their channel first.
And they build fave, hype or hate on lousy/poor/small problems just to keep high steam on their channel. And really, I think it is not worthy anymore to view such unboxer videos as they give just instantaneous feelings but not trusty at all about a problem that happened in their exclusive and personnal experience.

Before making so affirmative claim (one memory card failure is common and happen more frequently than you think) they should just give people all the information available (a the day of this video, I guess they have ZERO stats about firmware reliability nor the memory slot) and not pimping their own feelings as facts ! To go back to my first sentence, if I would do like Tony, I should claim Cisco make only crappy and untrusty devices. If you don't understand that, I cannot do anything for your brains.

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

Oh, and instead of crying 'one slot failure', just get proper work like Tom is telling it very well :

Far better information and data than those loud and click bait videos we actually get around Canikon MILC or dSLR.

PS : I really like Tony and Chelsea vids when they are doing anything else than 'testing devices and protecting the future customers wallets'.

Tony Northrup's picture

FWIW I do think the Canon EOS R is the best camera overall for vlogging. The one card slot is frustrating, but we're going to keep using it (and keep our fingers crossed that we don't have another failure). I wish I could find a camera with a flip screen, that amazing Canon video AF, and two card slots, but that doesn't exist.

Rex Jones's picture

Even with the crop factor with 4K video? That just seems like a huge pain to have to work around.

Jonathan Brady's picture

I think many will just use the EF-S 10-18 IS STM via adapter for vlogging. Ideal? Most certainly not. Doable? Most definitely.

Why may I want to do that when there are plenty of alternatives?

Jonathan Brady's picture

Apparently, you wouldn't. And neither would I. But others will.

Tony Northrup's picture

We just won't be shooting 4k video for those types of videos (where we're filming ourselves and don't have a cameraman). We do this today with the 6D Mk II... it's the only camera & workflow that works for us.

You said in the video that you have a habit of turning off the camera soon after you finish a shot, could you have shut the camera off before it finished writing to the card? Or was it a new card that was bad?

Kristopher Galuska's picture

I kind of hope with the latest Samsung rumors (producing full frame sensors), they do something crazy and release a fixed lens camera. That way they don't have to worry about people buying into their lens system. A full frame or APS-C with an 18-50mm equivalent and flip screen would make an amazing travel/vlog camera. And it's something no one else is hitting on.

Stick with San Disk, from working in a Camera Store I can tell you they failed the least, almost never.

David Pavlich's picture

I agree with Tony. I'm one of those 'two cards required' guys. I don't shoot much in the way of paid stuff, but when I do and when I'm somewhere that I know I can't reshoot, I want the insurance that 2 cards gives. Example: My wife and I went to the ATP tournament in Toronto. No card failure, but had there been, my 5DIV had both card slots working. One of those 'can't reshoot' moments.

But, about the only video I've shot was when I accidentally hit the record button. In other words, video is not a concern. I'll leave that to the video shooters. :-)

As a former Canon shooter of three decades, I suggest you save this post as a template. You can file it under: "Canon Almost Made the Best Camera for ________, but Then Screwed It Up"

Sorry, I am puzzled.

All the vlogs I have seen scarcely seem to demand a camera remotely like the EOS R.
What I see is generally some guy sitting at a desk chatting this or that. Or maybe we have someone following our hero around town testing the new gear.
These tasks seem very ably serviced by pedestrian models from any manufacturer other than Pentax or Sigma.
Even when one insists on 4K the field is not bad.
IMO the real output results from good technique and a grasp of PP.

I have even seen a number of vloggers doing their thing with GoPros and phones with quality that is very decent.
They don't even have second card slots!

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

What ? GoPros don't all have second memory card slot in order to save that ultimate precious video footage ?
How on earth could GoPro release such device ? It is a shame ! Bouhou Gopro !!!

Frankly, all this crap talking about the 'only one memory card slot EPIC FAILURE' is just a bad buzz.
If you have critical jobs, and mirrored memory card is a must have because you need high reliability, why the heck using newborn device that have zero real life feedback nor real life reliability statistics ? Do theses people really make us believe they'll make a crucial job with everything new and unboxed 30s before starting that crucial job ?

He had 3 SD cards fail on his trip? What? I’ve been shooting digitally for almost 16 years now. I have 1 card fail on me.

Click bait fake drama for clicks BS.

If 3 really did fail he must have bought the cheapest used beat up no name brand cards out there. And then ran them through the wash.

He lost 3 clips that were supposed to be part of the video due to the card failure causing them to corrupt, not 3 card failures.

Tony Northrup's picture

What JK said. And it was a Lexar Pro card. If you watch our follow-up video, we did da poll on memory card failures, and eventually it'll happen to about 75% of photographers.

Sorry, but your poll is meaningless. Their is an old engineering saying, garbage in, garbage out, To get the proper failure rates, a controlled study would need to be preformed.

I have experienced corrupt files on CF cards. 3 bad cards since 2002. Two Lexars and a Sandisk. I bought them based on their self-proclaimed excellence. I now use Transcend and Kingston and have had zero failures since 2010. BTW I have washed several and they survived fine. I did not continue to use them.

SD cards seem to be an amateur focused product as the physical structure is so poor. It seems the expected use was for users to only seldom remove the card. They must think everyone just downloads via cable.

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