9 Things to Like About the Sony a7R V Mirrorless Camera

The Sony a7R V is here, and it brings with it some of the most advanced features and upgrades the company has ever put in a camera, making it quite the intriguing option for a wide variety of photographers and filmmakers. This great video takes a look at the new camera and nine features that make it a fantastic choice for a lot of creatives. 

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this video discusses nine things to like about the Sony a7R V mirrorless camera. One feature that I particularly love is the reduced raw option, which allows you to shoot 26-megapixel and 15-megapixel files downsampled from the full sensor resolution. Of course, having that 61-megapixel sensor is a real plus for a wide range of scenarios, but there are also a lot of situations in which that is overkill, and the additional processing and storage overhead will only slow you down for no good reason. For example, when I shoot events, I never need such high levels of resolution, and if I could just shoot 20-megapixel files, I would be perfectly happy. On top of that, downsampling improves things like noise levels. It is a feature I think all modern high-resolution camera bodies should have. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Jackson. 

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