Bird Photography With the Canon EOS R5

The Canon EOS R5 is one of the most impressive cameras we have seen in quite some time, and it brings with it a huge range of impressive features and improvements. This excellent video puts it to the test with both native and adapted lenses to show you the kind of performance and image quality you can expect. 

Coming to you from Jan Wegener, this great video review takes a look at using the Canon EOS R5 for bird photography. I have finally been able to use my EOS R5 for some paid shoots, and I have to say that I have been blown away by just how good it is. Whether using an RF lens or an adapted EF lens, the autofocus has been so stunningly good that it has really freed up a lot of my attention when shooting to focus more on composition and other creative aspects, as I can fully trust that the autofocus is simply getting the shot I need. For a demanding and challenging genre like bird photography, I am sure the stellar autofocus and other features and improvements are all the more appreciated. Check out the video above for Wegener's full thoughts and a lot of awesome sample images. 

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Next time you are in Port Fairy try Russell Clark Reserve, large variety of birds to shoot.