The Canon EOS R50: A Compact Mirrorless Option with Pros and Cons

For photographers seeking a compact and lightweight camera system, the Canon EOS R50 offers an affordable and portable entry into the company's mirrorless system.

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this comprehensive video review explores the Canon EOS R50. Abbott emphasizes the significance of understanding the camera's capabilities and limitations, especially for those considering investing in the Canon RF-S mount system. He mentions the camera's autofocus performance, video capabilities, and sensor quality, providing valuable insights for potential buyers. 

Abbott praises the R50's autofocus system, noting its accuracy and responsiveness, particularly with eye-tracking. He also commends the camera's video quality, which boasts 4K 30p recording with 6K oversampling, delivering impressive detail and clarity. However, Abbott expresses concerns regarding the R50's ergonomics, particularly for users with larger hands. The limited physical controls and reliance on the touchscreen may not suit photographers who prefer tactile adjustments.  

Furthermore, the R50's sensor, while improved compared to previous Canon APS-C models, still lags behind competitors like Sony and Fujifilm in terms of high-ISO performance. Abbott observes increased noise and color blotching at higher ISO settings, potentially limiting the camera's usability in low-light conditions. Additionally, the closed nature of the RF mount system restricts lens options, forcing users to rely solely on Canon's offerings, which are currently limited for the RF-S mount, though that's starting to change.

Ultimately, the Canon EOS R50 presents a mixed bag. Its compact size, autofocus performance, and video capabilities are attractive features. However, ergonomic limitations, sensor performance, and the restricted lens selection may deter some photographers. Careful consideration of these factors is crucial before committing to the R50 and the RF-S mount system. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Abbott.

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