Don't Overlook the 15" MacBook Air

The 15-inch MacBook Air rewrote the paradigm between the Air and Pro models, offering a larger screen in the svelte form factor that first made the model popular. This might leave you wondering if you need the Air or Pro for your needs. This great video discusses why you shouldn't overlook the larger Air model.

Coming to you from Jonathan Morrison, this great video takes a look at the 15-inch MacBook Air. The first point the video highlights is the price. It notes that while many might be drawn to the MacBook Pro for its larger display and longer battery life, performance isn’t usually the main concern for the average user. The MacBook Air, starting at $1,299, offers excellent value for its price. However, it's advisable opting for a RAM upgrade to 16 GB, considering 8 GB might be insufficient in the long run, especially as application requirements evolve over time. With this upgrade, the MacBook Air still comes out significantly cheaper than the MacBook Pro models. 

Performance is another area where the MacBook Air excels. In the era of Apple Silicon, the basic tasks that most users perform, like web browsing, email, social networking, and media streaming, are effortlessly handled by the MacBook Air. Even for those interested in content creation like video and photo editing, the MacBook Air is up to the task, although you should keep expectations in check for high-level projects. And I agree. I've had my 13-inch MacBook Air for over a year now, and I have been continually impressed by its ability to tackle challenging photo and video edits, even with my usual 30 tabs and the like sitting open in the background.

And of course, there's the portability, as the MacBook Air is about a pound and a half lighter than the 16-inch Pro, making it more practical for daily use. The form factor of the MacBook Air, with its balance between screen size and portability, is especially appealing.

I've always thought the 15-inch MacBook Air would be the hidden gem of Apple's lineup, and it's nice to see it getting recognition as a great option for those who want more screen space but still value portability. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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