Here's How Much Camera $30 Gets You on eBay

Good camera bodies and lenses are rarely cheap, and you can easily exceed five figures outfitting an entire kit. That does not mean you can't find equipment at the other end of the spectrum, though it is going to be more of a lottery. If you need a good laugh, here is what $30 gets you on eBay.

Coming to you from Christopher Frost, this fun video puts a $30 camera and lens combo from eBay to the test. If you follow Frost's reviews, you will know that he has a very standardized and thorough process, and though it is quite cheap, this camera does not get a pass, having to endure those same tests. Funny as this review is, it is worth noting that it should not dissuade you from finding affordable equipment. Though a lot of camera equipment is rather pricey, you can absolutely find affordable gear out there. In particular, now that the majority of manufacturers have moved solely into mirrorless bodies and lenses, the used market is starting to flood with DSLRs and associated lenses, many of which still house modern design and capabilities, and there are a lot of great deals to be had. Check out the video above for Frost's thoughts on the combo. 

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Charles Mercier's picture

Hilarious video. A new thirty dollar smartphone has a much better camera than this thing!

Stuart C's picture

Yep, people who buy that camera deserve to have terrible results lol.

Roger Cozine's picture

This video is entertaining and saddening. The review and commentary is too funny. A+ for maximum effort. It's sad because the reality of photography is that you really do need more money to get even remotely decent photos. The era of cheap photography is over. Even a 10$ disposable camera will cost twice as much to develop and still may not yield good results. This makes it a nearly impossible hobby for those underprivileged or strapped for cash.

David Burckhard's picture

Folks deserve this camera who buy it. Yet, there are deals galore on proper cameras for about that price. I have two point-and-shoots that amaze me with their image quality. Both (used of course) for less than $30.