How Big of an Issue Is the Canon EOS R5's Overheating in the Real World?

When the Canon EOS R5 was first announced, one of its marquee features was its 8K raw video, but videographers quickly ran into issues with the camera overheating when recording in both 8K and 4K, leading some to question just how useful the camera actually is for video work. How much is this truly an issue in real-world usage, though? This excellent video review features a cinematographer and director discussing how the camera performs in specific modes after months of usage. 

Coming to you from Bryan Redding of Deaf Director, this fantastic video review takes an in-depth look at the overheating issues of the Canon EOS R5. The good news is that Redding says he has experienced no issues whatsoever with overheating when it comes to photography, an experience that echos mine. I have pushed my EOS R5 pretty heavily in photo applications and have never experienced a problem. That being said, there are definitely limitations not just in 8K mode, but in the various 4K modes as well. For some filmmakers, this will not be an issue, but if you shoot certain things like long-form interviews, this is something you will absolutely want to consider before you purchase the camera. Check out the video above for Redding's full thoughts. 

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Benoit Pigeon's picture

R5c? LOL. Didn't I write before that they should make one for still photographers and one for videographers... They can't make an R5p or an R6 with larger pixel count for still photographers but they can make 2 video oriented R5 models...

Tony Northrup's picture

Can confirm that our R5s haven't overheated since the early firmware update. It's just not an issue now. It definitely was a MAJOR real-world problem before they released that firmware update!

Raymond Craig's picture

One thing he doesn't mention in the Safe Modes section of the video is that not only will it not overheat in 24p Crop Mode, but because it's downsampled from 5.1K to 4K, it comes so close to the quality of 4KHQ that even when pixel peeping you won't see a difference. I've been shooting in this mode even before the firmware updates and have never had a problem. The only time I switch over to HQ is when I occasionally need extremely wide angle shots or for HFR.

Michael Ma's picture

As I get older, years pass by like months. I'll wait for the R5 Mark III to replace my 5D Mark IV. Hopefully it'll be at least everytging the R5 is without the overheating. The R5 is a year old already. That's crazy.

Will Thomas's picture

Also can confirm no overheating issues with photography and the Canon R5. I have pushed it outdoors in full sun with no problems.