Samsung’s 4K NX1 Can Hold Its Own - Test Footage and Comparison to the GH4 and 5D MkIII

The recently released Samsung NX1 totes a promising list of specs: 4K video at 24fps recorded to the new H265 codec, 1080p at 60fps, 28MP stills, 205 phase detection AF points, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. However, none of that matters if what comes out of the camera looks like crap. Fortunately, Andrew Reid over at EOSHD got his hands on the new camera to put it through its paces and the NX1 turns out to be quite the performer. In his tests he compares footage from Samsung’s newest flagship body to other heavy-hitting video-shooters such as the Panasonic GH4 and Canon 5D Mark III, and the Samsung proved that it can hold its own with the big boys. Take a look at the footage and see for yourself.

The NX1 produces beautiful colors and tack sharp images. The camera doesn't perform spectacularly in low light, especially when compared to the low-light monster that is the Sony a7S. However, when shooting with a reasonable amount of light, the images coming from this camera are undeniably beautiful. Andrew even prefers the colors of the NX1 to the other cameras tested against it, comparing the picture profile straight out of camera to that of a RED. He further claims the NX1 to be the best interchangeable internal 4K camera on the market at the moment.

What kind of ‘film stock’ is the NX1? Again I’d draw a comparison to RED’s 4K or 6K, it has a modern feel like the Canon C300, punchy and contrasty. Less like Super 16mm and quite different to the more restrained looking GH4.

This new Samsung sensor is a massive step forward for them, indeed the whole industry. In good light this sensor produces really top notch video. Beautiful Canon / Nikon-like colour but with the resolving power of the best 4K cinema cameras. Great dynamic range too, although perhaps 1 stop less in the highlights compared to the GH4 and 5D Mark III Raw.

Samsung is starting to make noise in the professional camera market, and if they keep putting out products like the NX1, the public is bound to listen up sooner or later. With this camera they certainly proved that they mean business, and hopefully that means more innovative products from them in the future.

What do you guys think? Will the NX1 be a game changer in the market or will it simply come and go? Let us know in the comments.

To read the full review and download the 4K footage, head over to Andrew's review on EOSHD.

The Samsung NX1 is now available for preorder on B&H.

[via No Film School]

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1 Comment

Really interesting. IMHO, more competition is great for the end user. Going forward, any camera that doesn't include 4k will feel like a let down.

No doubt Samsung will start to get some traction. I'm actually surprised by their lens offering with around 20 lenses out there. If metabones makes a speedbooster for it, it might give the GH4 a run for the money with serious shooters.

I'm really excited with 4k, if only for the ability to get solid 1080p footage.