Which DJI Drone Is Right for You?

DJI's drone lineup has grown into a well-respected and varied range of options suitable for everything from casual snaps to high-level professional work. Three of their most popular consumer options are the Mavic Mini, Mini SE, and Mini 2, and if you are wondering which one is the best option for your needs, this excellent video review will help you pick the right choice. 

Coming to you from Billy Kyle, this great video review will help you pick between three popular DJI drone models, the Mavic Mini, Mini SE, and Mini 2. All three are highly compact models, capable of fitting in your camera bag in the space occupied by a single 70-200mm lens, but it is important to pay careful attention to the differences in their camera specs in particular. For example, while all three have 12-megapixel sensors, only the Mini 2 shoots in raw, and given the often extreme dynamic range in drone shots, having that extra post-processing latitude can be a real gain. On the other hand, that is part of what makes the Mini 2 the most expensive option of the trio, though it is still quite affordable given its capabilities. Check out the video above for Kyle's full thoughts on all three drones. 

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